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CxO Events

CIONET Spotlight (Jan 20th)

With these dynamic 30-minute live talks, CIONET puts a spotlight on leading global Digital Leaders to bring you high-value insights every week.

Tintri Presents at Storage Field Day 21 (Jan 20th)

Tech Field Day is a series of invite-only technical meetings between influencers and sponsoring enterprise IT companies

CSO: Managed Print Services in Your New Work Environment (Jan 21st)

Join Bob Bragdon, SVP/Managing Director Worldwide, CSO and subject-matter experts from our sponsor, HP, for a private, interactive, virtual roundtable

CIO: Accelerate Business Transformation with Hybrid Cloud (Jan. 21st)

Learn and network with IT executives over the topic of accelerating business transformation with hybrid cloud

CIO: Behind The AI-Driven Enterprise: Security, Management, and Connecting the Edge (Jan 20th)

In the wake of recent business disruptions, more organizations are making use of mission-critical cloud resources to provide users with the best possible work environment. You are invited to a private, interactive virtual roundtable

TechLauderdale: ITPalooza 3D (Mar. 24th-25th)

South Florida's Most Exciting Tech Event & Expo is Going Virtual!

CIO: Virtual Discussion on Zero Trust and Business Transformation (Feb 11th)

Join CIO contributing editor Lane Cooper and subject-matter experts from our roundtable sponsor, Insight for a private, interactive, virtual roundtable on how organizations are integrating 'zero trust' principles into their business transformation initiatives.

CIO: The connected cloud: Beyond the private-public debate (Feb. 9th)

During this hour-long, interactive session, you'll join CIO Contributing Editor, Charles Pelton, along with experts from our partner, Rackspace, and fellow IT leaders

CIO: At the Heart of Your Cloud Migration: Network Visibility and Security (Feb. 10th)

How well you secure your infrastructure can determine the success of your digital transformation journey

CIO: Behind The AI-Driven Enterprise: Security, Management, and Connecting the Edge (Jan 27)

In the wake of recent business disruptions, more organizations are making use of mission-critical cloud resources to provide users with the best possible work environment

CIO's Future Of Work Summit (Feb 16-18)

The Borderless Workplace: Adapting to an Evolving Business Landscape

CSO: How Do You Envision the Office of the Future for Print? (Jan. 27)

Join Bob Bragdon, SVP/Managing Director Worldwide, CSO and subject-matter experts from our sponsor, HP, for a private, interactive, virtual roundtable


A Modern CISO's Response To Sunburst

How a modern CISO developed a Digital Supply Chain Risk Management Program to evolve her organization's response to SolarWinds that was aligned to Cyber Resiliency

Top 8 Challenges IT Leaders Will Face In 2021

Facilitating the future of work and securing a hybrid working environment top the list of tough, pandemic-inflected issues IT leaders must navigate this year.

Key Leadership Skills For IT In 2021

During the shift to remote work, IT leadership skills have been put to the test.

50 Industry Specialists Make Predictions On The Role Of Emerging Technologies In 2021

Emerging technologies have augmented human intelligence in simplifying lives, and business

Digital Transformations And Why Businesses Fail To Implement Them Properly

If you've never heard the term digital transformations, then you're in luck

Digital Transformation: 11 Signs Of A Successful Leader

The competencies of a successful digital transformation leader can be markedly different from those of the traditional IT boss

Four Pillars - Not Predictions - For 2021

Predicting the four pillars that will reinforce IT ecosystems for resilience and responsiveness in 2021

IT Leadership: A CIO's Advice For The Next Generation

As infrastructure and operations become commodities, IT leaders need to stand out in new ways. That means delivering at the business level - and leading an ever-evolving team

Why More CIOs Are Focusing On Digital Business Acceleration Talent

Enterprise CEOs are looking to their most senior technology leaders to deliver competitive digital business transformation projects that enable new revenue growth. Furthermore, they crave business technology champions that are skilled in motivating and developing IT talent for their top priorities.

Top Challenges That CIOs Faced: Key Findings And Resolutions For 2021

Managing risks and preparing for the future are the biggest challenges that CIOs are facing in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown


Cybersecurity Career Path: 5-Step Guide To Success

Taking the lead from ISSA's framework, here's a guide to how you can map out a long and profitable career in cybersecurity

When It Comes To Security Tools, More Isn't More

Organizations that focus on optimizing their tools, cutting down on tool sprawl, and taking a strategic approach to transitioning to the cloud are poised for success

6 SaaS Security Best Practices To Protect Applications

Use these SaaS security best practices to ensure your users' and organization's SaaS use stays as protected as the rest of your enterprise applications

The Best Cybersecurity Tools For Small Businesses

Check out this list for the best cybersecurity tools for small businesses including endpoint detection and response (EDR) and antivirus software

2021 Security Predictions: Endpoint Security Is Of Utmost Importance

Companies with many remote employees will also need to support more endpoints than ever before

What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework?

Cybersecurity threats are easier to handle when you have a framework to build off of. That's why NIST developed the Cybersecurity Framework.

What Is The Future Of Cybersecurity?

Remote work is here to stay, so it's time to rethink the short-term fixes made in 2020. What else is in the cards? Here are the trends shaping the future of cybersecurity


The 12 Coolest New Laptops At CES 2021

This week at the all-digital CES, laptops from Lenovo, Dell, HP and Acer are making their debut with innovative features for WFH

2021 Is The Year Of The Chromebook: Here's Why

Incredible market growth hastens Chrome OS adoption

Bob's 2021 Tech Predictions: What A Difference A Pandemic Makes

This is when I typically generate a list of technology predictions for the coming year

ATSC 3.0 Backers Tout a Brighter Picture for NEXTGEN TV at CES 2021

The pitch for ATSC 3.0, the IP-based broadcast television standard marketed as NEXTGEN TV, often focuses on the 4K resolution it can deliver over the air

Best 32-Inch Monitor Deals: Five 4K UHD Displays For Under $450

I recently bought a 27-inch QHD monitor for my wife to use on days when she's working from home, but I came very close to spending a bit more on a 32-inch 4K monitor

2021 Technology Trend Review, Part 1: Blockchain, Cloud, Open Source

Blockchain's DeFi-ning moment. Cloud, Kubernetes, and GraphQL. Open source is winning, open source creators are losing. A reality check on key technological drivers for the new decade


The 12 Best Distributed File Systems And Object Storage Platforms For 2021

Solutions Review's listing of the best Distributed File Systems and Object Storage platforms is an annual mashup of products that best represent current market conditions, according to the crowd

Enterprise Data Storage 2020 Products Of The Year Finalists

The field of entrants in our 19th annual Products of the Year contest has been reduced to 47 contenders vying for gold, silver and bronze status in five data storage categories

The 28 Best Enterprise Data Storage Companies For 2021

Solutions Review's listing of the best enterprise data storage companies is an annual sneak peek of the solution providers included in our Buyer's Guide and Solutions Directory. Information was gathered via online materials and reports, conversations with vendor representatives, and examinations of product demonstrations and free trials


Where's Cloud Computing Headed This Year? The Experts Lay Down Their Cards

Edge computing, vertical clouds, a profusion of multicloud options and the end of on-premises backup.

Strengthen Your Cloud! CISA Warns Organizations Amid Rising Attacks

CISA has warned organizations to strengthen their cloud security posture as cybercriminals are targeting organizations with weak cloud configurations

Amid Cloud Spending Boom, Microsoft Azure, AWS Gain IT Spend

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated spending on digital transformation and cloud and Microsoft and AWS are the big winners.


How To Prep For Becoming An IoT Leader

IT professionals aim to gain IoT knowledge and take on leadership roles as their organizations deploy more connected devices and build the infrastructure to support them

A Look At The Top IoT Market Trends For 2021

The future of IoT is trending toward large-scale growth over the next several years


HR In 2021 Will Take A Holistic - And Virtual - Approach

There is perhaps no facet of HR that went untouched by a tumultuous 2020


Top-5 Most-Read Privacy Stories For The Week Of Jan. 11, 2021

We know there is a lot of privacy news to sift through. To make it easier, we identified the top-five most-read stories of the week


How IT Must Adapt To The Emerging Hybrid Workplace

User support, the relationship with HR, and front-office technologies will require a rethink as distributed digital work becomes the new reality


Database Trends: The Rise Of The Time-Series Database

The problem: Your mobile app just went viral, and you've got a boatload of new users flooding your servers with a bazillion packets of data. How can you store this firehose of sensor data?


OpenAI's text-to-image engine, DALL-E, is a powerful visual idea generator

Once upon a time in Silicon Valley, engineers at the various electronics firms would tinker at their benches and create new inventions. This tinkering was done, at least in part, to show to the engineer at the next bench so they could both appreciate the ingenuity and inspire others


Software Is Eating Every Layer Of The Datacenter

Software may be eating the world, as Marc Andreessen correctly asserted nearly a decade ago, but some parts of the world are crunchier than others and take some time for the hardware to be smashed open and for software to flow in and out of it


5 Problems With DevOps

Several problems with DevOps make it difficult to meaningfully apply the philosophy