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CxO Events

BWGConnect: Embracing the Complexity of Identity & Access Management

BWG Connect invites you to participate in a candid interactive industry discussion around the complexities of IAM. Hear from your peers what digital identity really is, and what challenges exist when implementing access management controls. Concrete lessons learned & real-world challenges faced during these unprecedented times.

BWGConnect: Navigating Through Remote Access - Leveraging Modern Hybrid Cloud

BWG Connect invites you to participate in an interactive discussion with SaaS professionals, not sales people. Hear from your peers about concrete lessons learned and real-world challenges faced.

BWGConnect: Leading Through Change - How IT is Adapting to the New Norm

The changes we have seen since mid-march are shaping the IT world as we know it! What have we learned from the pandemic that we can take forward? What should we look to change as this becomes the new normal? What should be our new focus?

BWGConnect: Customer Identity Access Management: Embracing the Complexity

The changes we have seen since mid-march are shaping the IT world as we know it! What have we learned from the pandemic that we can take forward? What should we look to change as this becomes the new normal? What should be our new focus?

BWGConnect: Journey Through the Cloud - The Future of Public & Private Cloud

BWG Connect invites you to participate in an interactive discussion with IT professionals. Hear how your peers are navigating through changes in the cloud, concrete lessons learned and real-world challenges faced.

Insider Secrets From a Front-Line CISO

Satish Gannu, chief security officer and chief technology officer digital at ABB, will join Recorded Future's chief operating officer, Stu Solomon, for the third installment of Recorded Future's executive dialogue series. Together, they'll explore the new era of remote work and the evolving role of the CISO, as IT and OT become increasingly intertwined.


The CIO's Return To The Workplace Playbook

IT executives will face unique challenges when employees begin returning to the workplace. Here are seven key questions every CIO must answer in devising their optimal plan

Gartner: How CIOs Can Get A Seat At The Post-COVID-19 Leadership Table

The following is a guest article from Tsuneo Fujiwara, vice president with Gartner's CIO Research team. His research focuses on the areas of IT strategy, digital business transformation, innovation, digital leadership and the evolving role of the CIO

Tech Businesses Must Rethink Their IT Infrastructure

Working life has changed drastically in recent months. Speedy digital transformation has been critical for business continuity and has been driving growth even during these challenging times

What Is The Risk Management Framework (RMF)? A Standardized Security Framework

Risk management and security are top concerns for most organizations, especially in government industries. The Risk Management Framework (RMF) integrates security into the early development stages to help speed up time to delivery while avoiding risk

How CIOs Can Keep Up With Changing Customer Needs

The role of the chief information officer is becoming ever-more important in creating experiences that drive long-term market success


Edge Computing For Beginners: 11 Key Concepts

Need to get up to speed on edge computing - or educate others in your organization? Check out these key concepts and questions, explained in plain terms, by edge experts

The New Cloud Priorities Of 2020

Entering 2020, intent was clear: businesses planned to move to the cloud - or at least follow a neatly laid out roadmap. As businesses fended off unforeseen consequences, CIOs quickly pushed cloud to the forefront

Everyone Is Struggling With Cloud Security

Most enterprises are using a public cloud yet cloud and container security strategies are lagging behind adoption. The lag is significant enough that developers and engineers bypass cloud security or compliance policies

The Multi-Cloud Environment In 2020: Advantages And Disadvantages

Now more than ever, organizations have been implementing multi-cloud environments for their public cloud infrastructure

3 Tips To Recognize Hidden Costs Of The Cloud

Cloud usage and demand has spiked, but businesses must be wary of hidden cloud "gotchas" when it comes to modernizing and scaling their cloud infrastructure

Cloud Security Risks And The Countermeasures You Need Now

The current cloud security risks, and available countermeasures, demand every cybersecurity pro's attention

Why Enterprises Choose Multi-Cloud Environments

Multi-cloud environments have become more popular with enterprises, but this isn't a vendor lock-in issue. Find out how and why enterprises adopt multi-cloud computing


Enhance Your Cloud Threat Protection With 5 Tools, And More

Explore the best tools and tactics; you'll need the most effective arsenal available to counteract the attackers gunning for your cloud-based workloads and apps

Applying The 80-20 Rule To Cybersecurity

How security teams can achieve 80% of the benefit for 20% of the work

Framing The Security Story: The Simplest Threats Are The Most Dangerous

Don't be distracted by flashy advanced attacks and ignore the more mundane ones

Security Jobs: What's Hot And What's Cooling

The pandemic has created a seismic shift in today's workforce. The increased emphasis on remote work and ongoing shift to cloud computing affect the future of security jobs

Why Cybersecurity Is Really A Business Problem

Absolute's 2020 Endpoint Resilience Report illustrates why the purpose of any cybersecurity program needs to be attaining a balance between protecting an organization and the need to keep the business running, starting with secured endpoints


The Advantages Of Containers Over Virtual Machines For Storage

Understanding the key advantages of containers vs. VMs is critical to knowing what storage features are needed for container-based application success

At 100TB, The World's Biggest SSD Gets An (Eye-Watering) Price Tag

Largest ever solid state drive comes with very steep premium

5 Signs It's Time For A NAS or SAN Upgrade

It's easy to tell when it's time to modernize your storage infrastructure if you know the warning signs. Find out what they are and how Liberty Mutual Insurance handled its upgrade


Top Industries AI Is Impacting In 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world. Many industries have already been impacted by the integration of AI technology to improve business processes, but that's only the beginning. Through the use of big data, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT), AI captures the ability to think and make decisions like a human would - but on a massive scale

Natural Language Processing: A Cheat Sheet

Learn the basics about natural language processing, a cross-discipline approach to making computers hear, process, understand, and duplicate human speech

A Guide To Understanding AI's Weirdness

These days, it can be very hard to determine where to draw the boundaries around artificial intelligence. What it can and can't do is often not very clear, as well as where it's future is headed


How To Be Productive At Home?

According to a survey by Workopolis, 90% of people believe that Telecommuting contributes to more productivity

Poker & Job Hunting: Why Poker Is A Better Bet

The game has plenty to teach about making decisions with the cards we've been dealt-on and off the table

IT Talent 2020: How Technology Leaders Are Adjusting Strategies

The IT organizations most likely to succeed in the next normal will be the ones that spend time future-proofing their workforce strategies

15 Hot Tech Skills Getting Hotter -- No Certification Required

There's no debate that hot IT certifications are worthy add-ons for tech professionals trying to boost their job prospects


Flashback Friday: You're Dragging Us Down

We prefer data that tells us what we want to hear

Wayback Wednesday: We Call Her Pointy Harriet

It's a happy ending after all


Top Data Center Network Switch Makers

The enterprise network has undergone significant change in the last decade, thanks to increasing software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, network-function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). Here is eWEEK's listing of the top 10 companies in switch development as of summer 2020.

7 Points Your Security Team Needs To Know About IPv6 (But Probably Doesn't)

The IPv6 protocol affects the security of your network even if you haven't deployed it internally. Here are the most important points every security team needs to understand about the protoco

Global Data Center Networking Market To Reach $40.9 Billion By 2025

The global data center networking market is projected to reach $40.9 billion by 2025 and projected to register 11.0% CAGR over the forecast period, from 2019 to 2025 according to Million Insights.


Facial Recognition Market To Surpass $12 Billion By 2026

To enhance tracking and security in public spaces, the facial recognition technologies market is expected to surge in the years ahead

Intel Reveals Details On Thunderbolt 4

It'll bring universal ports and cables to computers


Cloud Security Alliance Publishes New Paper, The Six Pillars Of Devsecops: Automation

Document provides practical advice for integrating automated security into software development lifecycle

How To Measure - And Manage - Technical Debt

Technical debt is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you know how to manage it. Consider this expert advice on how to measure it and when to pay it off


9 Open Source Test-Automation Frameworks

Get some advice to choose the right test-automation framework for your organization

The Best Tools For Coding In Teams

When working with a team of programmers, anything that can help the process run smoothly and on track is worth a lot of time and money. We'll discuss a few different tools that can help your team get more organized


Port Of Rotterdam Pilots Blockchain-Based Shipping Container Handling Project

The Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands today unveiled a new blockchain-based project that will make container handling safer and more efficient by automating the release of containers to drivers at the port


The 10 Hottest Hyperconverged Infrastructure Systems

Hyperconverged systems have now officially taken over the global converged systems market, accounting for 51 percent of all converged systems sales worldwide in the first quarter of 2020

Big Data

Data Prep Still Dominates Data Scientists' Time, Survey Finds

Data scientists spend about 45% of their time on data preparation tasks, including loading and cleaning data, according to a survey of data scientists conducted by Anaconda


18 HR Cost Reduction Ideas For The 2020 COVID-19 Recession

The COVID-19 recession demands creativity to stay competitive. Here's a look at 18 HR cost reduction ideas -- including freezing HR tech projects -- that have the potential to help


RPO vs. RTO: Understand the Differences in Backup Metrics

The recovery point objective and recovery time objective enable an organization to know how much data it can lose and how long it can be down, key elements of a backup and DR plan


Kubernetes: Overcoming Complexity

Kubernetes was created in 2014 to allow administrators to run distributed systems easily. Thanks to its 100% open source nature, it can run both on-premises and in the cloud, including public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments