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2022 Nov 18
Understanding Bring Your Own Encryption And Keys (BYOE)
Geekflare, November 10th, 2022

In cloud computing, the owner of the data has no direct control over it and is forced to rely on the cloud service provider to keep it safe from unauthorized access. The most commonly accepted solution for protecting information residing in clouds is to encrypt it.

The problem with data encryption is that it not only prevents unauthorized users from accessing the data but also adds complications to using the data for legitimately authorized users.
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2022 Nov 18
All Means All When It Comes To Encryption
ComputerWeekly, November 10th, 2022

The traditional and well-established approach to cyber security is to build multiple layers of defences to stop hackers or rogue insiders getting unauthorised access to data.

But you only have to follow the news headlines to see this does not always work. Determined criminals, hacktivists, or simply lucky hackers have a habit of finding a way through. It's just a case of when. If we cannot keep people out nor trust the people around us, we must rethink the traditional 'castle and moat' methods of protection and adopt a data-centric approach, where security is built into data itself.
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