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IT News - CxO
10 Future Trends For Working With Business Leaders
CIO, November 4th, 2022
More than ever, CIOs are expected to work with other parts of their business to help create value through the use of digital technologies - but the business world is volatile, making long-term planning a challenge.

As part of the IDC FutureScape program, IDC Group VP Tony Olvet and research director Craig Powers offer 10 predictions for what will make a digital business strategy successful, and what challenges CIOs and other business leaders worldwide will face in 2023 and beyond.

7 Hard Truths Of Business-IT Alignment
CIO, October 31st, 2022
When New York-Presbyterian CIO Daniel Barchi arrives at work in the morning, he doesn't sit down at his desk. That's because he doesn't have a desk - or an office - of his own. 'I guide a very, very large team of IT people, but I don't have one office where I go every day,' he says.

Instead, Barchi may spend the day working in the building that houses the company's back-office systems. Or he may spend the day in one of its hospitals, meeting with executives or doing a walkthrough. Every day is different, and that's the point, he says. 'You can't understand the needs of the clinicians unless you are meeting with them.'

A Cyber Threat Minute: Cybercrime's Scope In 60-Second Snapshots
DARKReading, October 31st, 2022
Cybercrime is big and still growing bigger. It is often difficult to fully grasp the impact online attacks have had over the past decades. We used data from various Microsoft-owned properties and a mix of external sources to illustrate the scale and scope of worldwide cybercrime. Our comprehensive report on malicious activity highlights what is happening around the world within any given 60-second window.

Cyberattacks Vary By Type and Focus If we've learned anything from our examination of last year's online attacks, it's that security teams need to be prepared to defend against a wide variety of threats at all times. According to RiskIQ, acquired by Microsoft in 2021, password attacks were far and away the most commonly observed type of threat, clocking in at 34,740 per minute. However, we also saw 1,902 Internet of Things (IoT) attacks and 1,095 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks during the same 60-second time period.

AWS Report Explores The Priorities Of Today's CDO
datanami, November 3rd, 2022
Together with analytics expert Tom Davenport and MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium (CDOIQ), AWS began research on the role of CDOs earlier this year regarding what makes them successful, what keeps them up at night, and, ultimately, what they perceive their long-term value to be, according to AWS enterprise strategist and evangelist Phil Le-Brun.

Key findings of the report include how 50% of CDOs serving today are first time CDOs, and there are challenges associated with this relatively new role. The exact parameters of the job are in question for some, with 19% of respondents reporting having an unclear job definition and 16% revealing their job definition is overly broad. Additionally, 62% of respondents stated they feel the CDO role is less understood than other C-level roles. This hazy aura surrounding the job may have something to do with evolving expectations of what CDOs are meant to accomplish.

Digital Transformation: 3 Pieces Of Contrarian Advice
The Enterprisers Project, November 3rd, 2022
Many organizations struggle to determine the best ways to modernize their internal and external business processes and applications. In this process, it can be challenging to determine the best path forward, especially when the options sometimes seem to conflict.

Here are some of the most common approaches, based on conventional wisdom, along with some emerging alternatives contrary to traditional thinking. You might be surprised at which approaches better fit your organization's specific needs.

    How To Avoid A Leadership Horror Story
    The Enterprisers Project, October 31st, 2022
    If you've seen the movie Scream, you may be familiar with something called 'The Rules.' But anyone who has seen even a few horror movies will recognize these remarkably consistent plot devices, dialog points, and character types that always -always - end in unpleasantness:

    • 'What's that noise outside? I better go out and check. alone.' CHOP!

    • 'I'm going to go get more beer.' (never seen alive again)

    • And of course, 'Hey gang, we better split up and look for -" HACKSCREAMCRUNCH! Cue shrieking violins. t the movies, it's all part of the fun. You know who's gonna get it, and you know why. Spotting the tells is a game the director and the audience play together.

    But in leadership situations, it's less fun, and the consequences are greater than a little spilled popcorn. So, in the spirit of Halloween, let's take a look at a few classics:

      IT News - Storage
      AMD Has Thrown Its Weight Behind Decentralized Storage, November 3rd, 2022
      Decentralized storage is a technology where data is stored on a distributed network run by computers, or nodes, located across multiple locations.

      The new organization, which also includes blockchain firms Protocol Labs and the Filecoin Foundation among its founding members, will reportedly focus on "driving awareness and adoption" of decentralized technologies such as the cryptocurrency Filecoin, file sharing network IPFS, and peer-to-peer network stack libp2p.

      An Overview Of Hierarchical Storage Management
      TechRepublic, November 1st, 2022
      On the other hand, storing all that data can be expensive and downright chaotic to manage.

      What is HSM?

      HSM, or hierarchical storage management, is a system for storing data in a secure, cost-efficient manner. The basic idea behind HSM is to store data on the most appropriate type of storage media, depending on how frequently the data is accessed.

      For example, data that is accessed frequently can be stored on more expensive, higher-performance storage media such as solid-state drives, while data that is accessed less frequently can be stored on less expensive, lower-performance storage media such as hard disk drives.

      Backblaze: Buying Less Reliable Disk Drives Can Make Financial Sense
      Blocks&Files, November 1st, 2022
      There is little change from last quarter's report: the average annualized failure rate (AFR) in the quarterly table was 1.64 percent measured across 226,697 drives, with the worst performers being Seagate's 4TB (4.38 percent), 12TB (4.96 percent), and 14TB (9.2 percent) models. A Toshiba 4TB drive had an 8.25 percent AFR, but Andy Klein, Backblaze principal cloud story teller, pointed out: 'The high AFR (8.25 percent) is due to the limited number of drive days in the quarter (8,849) from only 95 drives.'
        Here's Why You Won't Be Able To Buy A 26TB Hard Drive Anytime Soon, November 1st, 2022
        The future of hard disk drives couldn't be more exciting despite the threat of SSD; that's the impression we were left with after our interview with Ravi Pendekanti, SVP of HDD Product Management at one of the world's largest hard disk drive manufacturers, Western Digital.

        Unlike its archrival Seagate, Western Digital has invested significantly in SSD technology through its acquisition of Sandisk in 2016. It has also doubled down on hard disk drives and currently holds the world record for the biggest hard disk drive with a 26TB model launched earlier in 2022.

        Market Guide For Hybrid Cloud Storage, November 1st, 2022
        Hybrid cloud storage solutions are increasingly being used to leverage cloud agility and elasticity. These solutions enable infrastructure and operations leaders to modernize storage services on-premises, at the edge and in the public cloud to deliver mobility, resiliency and operational efficiency.

        Key Findings

        Hybrid cloud integration is one of the top infrastructure and operations challenges infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must address to meet the need for seamless data services across edge, core data center and public clouds.

        Integration with cloud infrastructure and platform service providers has become a critical selection criterion for both primary (structured) and distributed file systems and object (unstructured) storage platforms.

        Hybrid cloud solutions are expanding from being providers of storage to providers of platform services, such as data insights, cyber resilience, life cycle management and data mobility across public cloud and on-premises deployments.

        Hybrid cloud file services are experiencing the highest demand from Gartner clients looking to modernize unstructured data platforms.

        Although hybrid cloud storage can deliver on multiple use cases, disaster recovery and burst for capacity are the most commonly understood and funded by I&O leaders.

        Object And File Storage Have Merged, But Product Differences Remain, Gartner Says
        datanami, October 31st, 2022
        Those two classes of storage have now merged, according to Gartner, which says the leading providers satisfy both storage modalities with a single offering.

        When we visited this topic two years ago, the analysts at Gartner said object storage and distributed file systems were in the process of becoming one. With last week's release of its 2022 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, they have completed the merge, the analyst group says.

        IT News - FOSS
        10 Best Open Source Bots For Your Discord Server
        IT'S FOSS, November 3rd, 2022
        If it is your first time hearing about it, consider it something like Slack, but with countless fun functionalities to create communities (i.e., servers).

        Among all the features, Discord bots allow automating things or spice up your server. But most of them are proprietary. So, in this list, I suggest some of the best open-source Discord bots.

          20 Technology Horror Stories About Learning The Hard Way
, October 31st, 2022
          Halloween will be here before you know it! This fun, over-the-top holiday is a great time to ponder the mortal fears of the developer in each of us. What haunts you the most, in the quiet moments just before your code starts to run?

          Getting into the spirit of Halloween, I asked some writers: What's the scariest code you've seen or written?

            IT News - Security
            5 Cybersecurity Mistakes That Will Haunt You
            DataDecisionMakers, October 30th, 2022
            However, despite their best intentions, many companies out there are still making serious security mistakes - and the consequences can be nothing less than a nightmare

            With Halloween just around the corner, let's take a look at the horrors that plague the world of cybersecurity. Here are five of the top cybersecurity mistakes companies make - and how they can haunt organizations in the long term.

            7 Reasons You Need A NIST Incident Response Plan
            Security Boulevard, November 2nd, 2022
            Here are some reasons why having a NIST incident response plan is imperative:

            Repeatable process - without a robust incident response plan, employees and teams won't be able to respond recurrently or prioritize their time efficiently.

            Prepared for an emergency - security-related incidents occur without any warning. Therefore, it's vital to formulate a plan of action ahead of time.

            Coordination - keeping all the team members updated and on the same page amidst crises in big enterprises can be challenging. Incident response plans can help you achieve this successfully.

            Preserve crucial knowledge - incident response plans ensure best practices and critical knowledge to deal with a crisis aren't forgotten/overlooked over time. Your security team should incorporate lessons learned regularly.

            Expose gaps and bridge them - In mid-sized companies with limited technical maturity and staff, an incident response plan helps you identify apparent gaps in your security tooling or process so that you address them before a crisis.

            Accountability and documentation - An incident response plan with clear documentation minimizes an organization's liability. Documentation enables you to showcase your response process to compliance authorities or auditors.

            Practice, practice, and practice - Incident response plans help you create a repeatable and transparent process, follow up on all incidents, and improve response activities' effectiveness and coordination over time.

            Does Security Have To Get Worse Before It Gets Better?
            DARKReading, October 31st, 2022
            In the opening keynote of the 2022 Black Hat security conference, Chris Krebs, the former Department of Homeland Securities cybersecurity director, stated that security is going to get worse before it gets better. Why? Krebs said that "software remains vulnerable because the benefits of insecure products far outweigh the downsides."

            Rather than ensuring security, the focus across the software development life cycle (SDLC) is beating the competition to market. In fact, innovation is often seen at odds with security - the former believed to be fast-paced and productive, and the latter a roadblock that stifles quick-moving application development. This view is proving to be outdated in the current threat landscape.

            Most Of Us Are Still Reusing Passwords, Despite All The Warnings
  , November 2nd, 2022
            Despite the vast majority of people - 89% - knowing the risks of reusing the same password, 62% of consumers are still choosing to use repeat passwords, according to new research from LastPass.

            In addition, the report found that only 12% of respondents use different passwords for different accounts.

            The survey, which explored the password security behaviors of 3,750 professionals across seven countries, quizzed respondents about their mindsets and behaviors surrounding online security.

            IT News - BI
            What Does Data And Analytics Need For 2023? Forrester Shares Predictions
            datanami, November 3rd, 2022
            In 2022, only 7% of organizations have reached a state of maturity in terms of their quest to become insights-driven, according to Forrester, the same figure as in 2021. Similarly, only 48% of organizations surveyed were making decisions based on quantitative analysis rather than trusting their gut instincts, which was down one or two percentage points from 2021 and 2020.

            This data points to 2023 being a make-or-break year when it comes to D&A, according to Forrester analyst Kim Herrington.

              IT News - HR
              Almost 70% Of Businesses Held Back By Talent Shortage
              ComputerWeekly, November 3r, 2022
              The talent provider's Digital leadership report found that 68% of the digital leaders surveyed in the UK said a lack of skills is standing in their way, while 57% said they will never have enough access to enough tech staff.

              Globally, these figures look much the same - 70% of digital leaders globally felt they can't keep up with tech trends because of a lack of skilled workers and, on average, digital leaders are losing about 11% of their team every year, many because staff are looking for higher salaries.

                CIOs Rethink How They Hire For Hard-To-Fill IT Roles
                CIO, November 1st, 2022
                CIOs need to try a lot harder these days to find IT talent, particularly when it comes to the most difficult-to-fill positions. Strategies most IT leaders are deploying include offering signing bonuses and more paid time off, being open to hiring people with different types of life experiences, and looking for cultural fit in addition to - or instead of - specific technical know-how. And some are simply looking to build the talent themselves.

                'You have to be willing to hire someone who knows nothing,' advises Jim Johnson, senior vice president at recruitment firm Robert Half. 'Everything we use as a skill can be learned and can be taught.'

                What Developers Want And How To Keep Them On Your Team
                HelpNet Security, November 1st, 2022
                The report, Developer Engagement Report: Are Your Developers Happy or Halfway Out The Door?, draws on data from 860 global developers from different backgrounds to identify trends regarding satisfaction and retention of developers, and provide best practices for IT leaders to avoid developer burnout and turnover.
                  When It Comes To Tackling Retention, Employers Are Overlooking Their Biggest Problem
                  ZDNet, November 2nd, 2022
                  Riding the coattails of last year's Great Resignation, employees are demanding more out of their employers than ever. But according to an external survey conducted by Amazon, younger workers don't feel their employers are delivering, with 74% saying they are likely to quit their job in the next year due to a lack of development opportunities.

                  In a survey of 3,000 US professionals conducted by Amazon and Workplace Intelligence, 64% of employees said they feared losing their job due to new skills requirements for which they have not been equipped. A further 58% of employees said they were worried that their skills had gone stale since the pandemic, while 70% reported feeling unprepared for the future of work.

                  IT News - IoT
                  Malware, Ransomware, IoT Pose Major IT Security Challenges
                  Security Boulevard, November 3rd, 2022
                  These were among the findings of a recent SonicWall threat report that also found ransomware tactics are shifting and diversifying, adding more pressure to already overloaded IT security professionals.

                  Growing Need for IoT Security

                  The report also noted it is easier than ever to perform ransomware attacks, thanks to a growing number of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) offerings. And as more smart devices enter the digital space, there is a growing need for internet-of-things (IoT) security.

                  IT News - Cloud
                  Breaking Down The Cost Of Cloud Computing In 2023
                  techtarget, November 3rd, 2022
                  How Do Providers Determine Cloud Costs?

                  The main factors cloud service providers consider when they decide how much to charge customers are networking, computing and storage{

                  Networking costs: The vendor decides how much it must spend to maintain the network. Consequently, the provider estimates the costs for the hardware, network setup, labor and maintenance.

                  Storage costs: The vendor calculates how much it will cost to operate a company's storage hardware or what it will cost to buy new hardware to meet the storage needs of the enterprise.

                  Computing costs: The provider calculates the costs for CPUs -- client organizations will have their own individual requirements when it comes to using CPUs. Costs also include licensing fees, depending on the operating system an organization is running. The provider calculates the costs of buying hardware for every gigabyte of virtual RAM that a company uses.

                    Hyperscale Cloud Providers Q322 Results: The Cliff Approaches?
                    eWeek, November 2nd, 2022
                    AWS revenues, for example, came in at $20.5B, lower than analyst estimates of $21.1B. As can be seen from the below chart, AWS's steady up-and-to-the-right trajectory definitely leveled off.

                    As can be seen by looking at aggregated AMG revenues, the three giants totaled just over $40B ($41.4B, to be exact). Aggregated growth, however, dropped to 24%.

                    As a result, many pundits took to the airwaves - particularly outlets like CNBC - to discuss how these results reflect a permanent state of affairs. They opined that that the cloud providers will remain mired in mid-20 percent growth rates, consigned by the law of big numbers and, well, an unspecified anti-cloud customer malaise, to a dimmer future.

                    Oracle And Huawei Clouds The Big Movers On Gartner's Conjured Quadrilateral
                    The Register, November 1st, 2022
                    Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud retain their places as the only three clouds in the prized Leaders box of the conjured quadrilateral.

                    But Oracle jumped from the Niche box to become a Visionary, and Huawei debuted as a Niche player.

                    The Public Cloud Is Starting To Look Like A Rip-Off
                    ITProToday, November 1st, 2022
                    It's the economics, stupid. For cheerleaders of the public cloud, the argument is usually as simple as that slight corruption of James Carville's classic phrase from the Clinton campaign trail in 1992. With their "hyperscale" presence, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure - the three giants of the public cloud - can look after a company's IT resources at a fraction of the cost it would incur to manage them on premises or in a private cloud. But this could turn out to be nonsense for thousands of companies using or contemplating the public cloud, including many in the telecom sector.
                    The World Was Promised 'Cloud Magic'. So Much For That Fairy Tale
                    The Register, November 2nd, 2022
                    Much of the IT community has been willing to tolerate - even encourage - magical thinking about cloud, and plenty of us believed.

                    I did for a moment a couple of weeks ago when I saw what appeared to be a brilliant demo of drag-and-drop hybrid cloud storage management: from a screen that depicted on-prem and cloud volumes, a couple of clicks and a tug on the mouse shifted petabytes into a cloud, associated the data with applications in both environments, and ported security policy for good measure.

                    I then asked the inventors of this wonder whether the user moving the data was offered any information about the costs that were just incurred.

                    IT News - Networks
                    The Best VoIP Services Of 2022
                    How-To Geek, November 4th, 2022
                    What to Look for When Selecting a VoIP Service in 2022

                    Gone are the days of the landline telephone. Now, all we have to do to communicate is send a quick text or join FaceTime. However, while our mobile phones are convenient, some users require more calling features than cellular services can deliver. This includes small businesses and some homeowners.

                    Enter Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. First developed in the 1990s, VoIP is now widely used in homes and businesses large and small. VoIP enables users to communicate over an internet connection instead of via copper wires or cellular service.

                      IT News - Technology
                      Top 15 Emerging Technology Trends To Watch In 2023 And Beyond
                      Security Boulevard, November 4th, 2022
                      According to MediaPeanut, the tech industry has a 5-6% growth pattern yearly. Catching emerging technology waves sooner helps you leverage them in the nascent stages to gain a competitive advantage.

                      While it remains challenging to forecast how trends will play out, some sunrise technologies seem to be tracking well. These are gaining traction, showing early promise, and could possibly help enterprises embark on a journey of innovation and growth. Here are our picks of the emerging tech for 2023, alongside a quick encapsulation of the potential they hold. Let's get to unraveling them.

                        IT News - Virtualization
                        VirtualBox 7: Get Started With Documentation And References
                        Oracle Blogs, November 4th, 2022
                        This blog entry has the target to collect the most interesting and important links related to VirtualBox 7 release:
                        IT News - Email
                        How To Encrypt Email In Thunderbird (And Why You Should)
                        ZDNET, November 1st, 2022
                        I'm one of those people who depend on email communication. I have for years, and I cannot imagine I'll ever not rely heavily on email. As I communicate with different people, I have to do so in different ways. For example, with certain contacts, I have to share sensitive information. When that's the case, I tend to use encryption with my email.

                        Why? Simple. Encrypting an email prevents a third party from intercepting a communication and accessing the information within.

                        IT News - DevOps
                        How To Establish A Devops Culture: 7 Tips
                        The Enterprisers Project, November 2nd, 2022
                        DevOps is the leading software development methodology practiced worldwide, with a market share of 47 percent. By adopting DevOps, which emphasizes constant collaboration between development and operations teams, you can experience 63 percent improvement in software quality, 63 percent faster release, and 55 percent better collaboration among teams.

                        However, establishing a DevOps culture in your organization is paramount for driving these benefits. Here are seven tips that CTOs can implement to build a robust DevOps culture.

                        IT News - Wireless
                        4 Myths About Wi-Fi 6 And Why It Is The Great Time To Make The Switch To The New Standard
              , October 31st, 2022
                        Wi-Fi 6 promises to bring faster speeds and greater capacity. but there are some skeptics who believe that we aren't quite ready for Wi-Fi 6 and that its benefits will only be appreciated later rather than sooner.

                        We disagree. Let's discuss many of the misconceptions about Wi-Fi 6 and why we believe now is a great time to make the switch and start your transition to using the new standard. But first, what exactly is Wi-Fi 6?

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