The Best 23 Data Security Platforms To Consider In 2022
Solutions Review, September 7th, 2022
September 18, 2022,
Volume 294, Issue 2

Data security, according to IBM, is the practice of protecting digital information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its entire lifecycle. It's a concept that encompasses every aspect of information security, from the physical security of hardware and storage devices to administrative and access controls, as well as the logical security of software applications. It also includes organizational policies and procedures.

Most IAM and SIEM platforms will offer some level of data protection, but because it's not the primary focus, there will still remain gaps in your data security. Especially dangerous for enterprises handling big data. As the technology to protect data develops and becomes more refined and defined, this list will potentially see continuous updates. As it stands, these are the vendors leading the way in data security.

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