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2022 Sep 18
Data Literacy: What Is It And Why Is It Essential For Success?
TechRepublic, September 8th, 2022

Company leaders that are looking to gain a competitive edge can do this by prioritizing data literacy for employees across departments and at all levels within their organization. With data literacy skills, employees better understand how company data works and how they can use it, allowing them to be more effective and streamline processes for the organization. Read on to learn more about what data literacy is and how to implement data literacy initiatives within your business.
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    2022 Sep 18
    What's Polluting Your Data Lake?
    HelpNet Security, September 6th, 2022

    As enterprises continue to produce, collect, and store more data, there is greater potential for costly cyber risks.

    Every time you send an email or text you are producing data. Every business service your organization has deployed is generating and exchanging data from third-party partners and supply chain providers. Every new merger and acquisition (M&A) results in large volume of data being transferred across two companies. Every IoT device or subscription is generating data that's collected and stored in data lakes. You get the point: Mass data production and collection are unavoidable. And, as a result, our data lakes are becoming an overwhelmingly large and a ripe target for cybercriminals.
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    2022 Sep 18
    5 Effective Ways To Improve Customer Support With Big Data Analytics, September 6th, 2022

    In addition to achieving the right product-market fit with a high-quality product or service and the correct positioning, customer support can become an integral component for long-term success.

    According to Salesforce research, 89% customers are likely to make a repeat purchase after a positive service experience. For businesses focusing on providing an impeccable customer experience, big data analytics can play an essential role in achieving this target.
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