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IT News - CxO
7 Ways To Create A More IT-Savvy C-Suite
CIO, September 6th, 2022
Business is business and IT is IT and never the twain shall meet. At least that's the way it too often seems when a CIO attempts to show business management how a technology initiative can lead to tangible benefits.

Helping enterprise business leaders, C-suite colleagues, and boards understand the value inherent in complex new technologies is a challenge most CIOs face from time to time. Instead of focusing on the tech, IT leaders must clearly articulate the business value generated by technology solutions, says Jagjeet Gill, a principal with business advisory firm Deloitte Consulting.

CIO Shannon Gath On Building IT Value From Day One
CIO, September 7th, 2022
For IT leaders stepping into a new CIO role, laying the groundwork for IT success can be difficult. Shannon Gath, CIO of $3.7B high-tech solutions provider Teradyne, has a playbook for addressing this challenge, and it starts with listening.

'I do a deep dive with my business partners to learn how IT can help them solve their business problems and accelerate them on their journey,' she says. 'But once I have that understanding, I need to take action fast to show that we are committed to their, and our, success.'

CISO Interview Series: The Thinking Of A CISO At The Front End Of The Cyber Threat Landscape.
tripwire, September 6th, 2022
Aman is the Head of Cyber Security with Jimdo, a website building platform that helps small businesses start, grow, and ultimately thrive online. Aman is also the Cyber Security Group Chairman for ISITC Europe CIC, a non-profit industry body and a catalyst for collaborative innovation within the capital markets. If ever there was someone at the front end of the cyber threat, it is Aman.
7 CISO Succession Planning Best Practices
SearchSecurity, September 7th, 2022
With the frequency and severity of security incidents continuing to escalate across all areas of business, the need for a great chief information security officer is universal among enterprises. But the enormous pressure of this role, combined with overwhelming demand for qualified candidates, creates a high probability a CISO will either burn out or leave for a more lucrative opportunity at another organization sooner rather than later. With this in mind, it is essential companies plan for their existing CISOs' inevitable departures.
Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG) Strategy: 3 Ways CIOs Can Play A Pivotal Role
The Enterprisers Project, September 8th, 2022
According to a recent Accenture report, investing in sustainable technology brings numerous benefits:
  • 48 percent of companies experienced an increase in revenue
  • 49 percent saw a significant improvement in talent recruitment and business innovation
  • 53 percent said they have used these changes to meet their ESG targets

For these and other reasons, business leaders are increasingly encouraging CIOs to invest in technology that both ensures productivity and minimizes environmental impact. Failure to do this will result in more than just disgruntled executives - 57 percent of global tech leaders believe managing climate-related risks will be a key factor in keeping their jobs.

Understanding IT Governance And Why It Often Fails
Architecture & Governance Magazine, September 8th, 2022
What does this mean in the federal arena? Fundamentally, governance is about establishing policy. It's about implementing structure around how the agencies align their IT strategy with their business strategy, to ensure that they stay on track to achieve their strategic goals, and implement effective ways to measure the agencies' IT performance. Chief information officers (CIOs), IT federal managers, and project managers have the responsibility to implement mandates and internal policies to ensure that all stakeholders' interests are taken into account and that they provide measurable results.
The Basics Of ESG And Sustainable Technology
WWT, September 4th, 2022
The acronym "ESG" stands for environmental, social and governance. And in today's socially conscious global economy, the term has become a popular way for boardrooms, consumers, employees, partners, policy makers, investors and other stakeholders to gauge an organization's overall well-being, risk management abilities, resiliency, performance and long-term value trajectory.

There's no better time to learn about ESG, especially as the decisions made by today's governments, industries and businesses have the potential to directly shape the future of our society and planet.

IT News - Storage
Storage Vulnerabilities: The Neglected Cybersecurity Frontier
CIOinsight, September 7th, 2022
Based on an analysis of more than 400 high-end storage devices, over 6,000 discrete vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other security issues were detected.

'On average, an enterprise storage device has around 15 security vulnerabilities, out of which three can be regarded as being at a high or critical risk rating that could present significant compromise if exploited,' said Doron Pinhas, CTO at Continuity. 'This is evidence of the fact that storage and backup systems have a significantly weaker security posture than the compute and network infrastructure layers.'

IT News - AI
Here Comes The AI Text-To-Image Marketplace
AI Businesss, September 6th, 2022
Mere days after the uproar that an image from a text-to-image generator won an art competition, an online marketplace has opened where users can purchase image prompts.

PromptBase bills itself as 'a marketplace for buying and selling quality prompts that produce the best results.'

    Measuring The Business Impact Of AI
    CIO, September 7th, 2022
    Artificial intelligence is in transition, both as a technology and in how it's being used. Companies are increasingly bringing AI pilots out of the test labs and deploying them at scale, and some are seeing significant benefits as a result. Regardless of any uncertainty surrounding AI, ignoring its potential poses the risk that companies doing business the old way will go under.
    6 AI Companies Disrupting Healthcare In 2022
    VentureBeat, September 9th, 2022
    But even with belt-tightening in 2022, digital health startups using artificial intelligence (AI) have received a whopping $3 billion in funding. That has left plenty of room for startup AI companies to make their mark in healthtech, biotech and medtech.

    It's clear that even as health systems struggle to develop the right infrastructure to support AI's need for vast data lakes, as well as to access quality or siloed data, the industry remains bullish on artificial intelligence. A December 2021 survey from health insurer Optum, for example, found that almost half of healthcare executives use AI, while around 85% say they have an AI strategy.

    IT News - FOSS
    Libreoffice 7.3.6 Is Now Available For Download, 50 Bugs Fixed
    9to5linux, September 8th, 2022
    Arriving one and a half months after LibreOffice 7.3.5, the LibreOffice 7.3.6 point release is here to address more bugs and further improve compatibility with proprietary document formats of the MS Office suite, such as DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files.

    According to the RC1 and RC2 changelogs, a total of 50 bugs were squashed, which should strengthen the stability and reliability of the LibreOffice 7.3 office suite series, which is supported until November 30th, 2022.

    IT News - Linux
    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Linux
    It's FOSS, September 6th, 2022
    Basically, Linux is everywhere and everyone keeps talking about it. And that gives you FOMO.

    So, you wonder about the advantages of Linux and whether is it really worth trying.

    I have compiled various possible advantages and disadvantages of Linux in this article.

    If you are on the fence about choosing Linux over your preferred operating system, we would like to help you out.

    21 Basic Linux Networking Commands You Should Know
    It's FOSS, September 4th, 2022
    As some of you readers pointed out in the internal survey (exclusive for It's FOSS newsletter subscribers), you would also like to learn some command line tricks.

    So I compiled a list of essential Linux networking commands that helped me during my college days and gave me a firm overview of how you can use Linux on the networking side.

    These commands will help you set-up as well as troubleshoot various networking issues you may encounter with your Linux system.

    IT News - Security
    7 Free Online Cybersecurity Courses You Can Take Right Now
    Help Net Security, September 6th, 2022
    The skills gap can be addressed through training and certifications to increase employees' education.

    The talent shortage and a variety of specialized fields within cybersecurity have inspired many to reskill and join the industry. One way to get more knowledge is to take advantage of online learning opportunities. Below you can find a list of free online cybersecurity courses that can help further your career.

    Your Vendors Are Likely Your Biggest Cybersecurity Risk
    Help Net Security, September 4th, 2022
    With organizations expanding their vendor base, there is a critical need for holistic third-party risk management (TPRM) and comprehensive cybersecurity measures to assess how much risk vendors pose.

    While organizations assess and manage risk on a multitude of layers, none present bigger threats to business resiliency than third-party risk and a lack of robust cybersecurity controls. Breaches and service interruptions tied to these risk areas have brought down critical systems of major organizations. In 2021, 53% of CISOs surveyed by Black Kite reported being hit by at least one ransomware attack.

    GDPR: Four Years After Its Enactment, Where Do We Stand?
    Cyber Defense Magazine, September 4th, 2022
    Needless to say, data privacy is a complex issue for most organizations, and it has been made even more complicated by legislation such as GDPR. Four years later, GDPR compliance is something that many organizations continue to struggle with for a variety of reasons. In fact, just looking at the GDPR enforcement tracker, we continue to see related fines and penalties - ranging from a few thousand to hundreds of millions of dollars - being issued on a weekly basis.

    So, where do we stand now that a few years have passed since GDPR went into effect? Let's explore.

    5 Decisions To Make Now For A Successful Cyberattack Incident Response
    Technative, September 4th, 2022
    When the fortress comes under siege, the soldiers descend into chaos in moments. It doesn't matter that they have better technology or that they know how to use it. Without leadership, they cannot mount an effective response.

    Experiencing a cyberattack is an immensely stressful experience, ripe for disorganization. And although having a technical response plan is all well and good, many businesses fail to account for something equally critical. When their business is under fire, who's responsible for pulling the trigger on response and remediation efforts?

    Zero Trust Security : A New Perspective On Cybersecurity
    Security Boulevard, September 6th, 2022
    According to Cybersecurity Ventures, global cybercrime costs will increase by 15% per year over the next five years, reaching USD 10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from USD 3 trillion in 2015.No wonder why the need for top-notch cybersecurity is increasing on a day-to-day basis.

    The trust in outside or inside networks requesting access has gone low to ZERO. And voila, John Kindervag heard us, back in 2010 and coined the term 'zero trust,' which centers on the notion that an organization shouldn't trust anything inside or outside its boundaries.

    The Best 23 Data Security Platforms To Consider In 2022
    Solutions Review, September 7th, 2022
    Data security, according to IBM, is the practice of protecting digital information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its entire lifecycle. It's a concept that encompasses every aspect of information security, from the physical security of hardware and storage devices to administrative and access controls, as well as the logical security of software applications. It also includes organizational policies and procedures.

    Most IAM and SIEM platforms will offer some level of data protection, but because it's not the primary focus, there will still remain gaps in your data security. Especially dangerous for enterprises handling big data. As the technology to protect data develops and becomes more refined and defined, this list will potentially see continuous updates. As it stands, these are the vendors leading the way in data security.

    IT News - IoT
    Internet Of Things For The 5G Era, September 4th, 2022
    According to McKinsey, implementing faster connections in mobility, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail can increase global GDP by $1.2 - $2 trillion by 2030, and this can have a cumulative economic impact of $1 trillion on India by 2035, reported Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

    In view of this, 5G rollouts are being planned to expand new-age technologies and various digital applications. Next-generation 5G networks will allow enterprise & governments to leverage technologies like IoT, AI, AR/VR, and private LTE to support Industry 4.0.

    It will enable more mission-critical IoT devices to be connected reliably through wireless while providing enhanced broadband for immersive and seamless experiences and better access to healthcare, education, e-governance, banking, crisis management, etc. As per the GSMA forecast, over the period 2023-2040, 5G technologies will contribute approximately $450 billion to the Indian economy (0.6% of GDP by 2040).

    IT News - Cloud
    'Dude, Where's My Data?' - How Data Is Lost In The Cloud
    Spannig, September 8th, 2022
    Some of the top reasons behind the increasing popularity of this cloud-based service are ease of use, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. According to Gartner, Inc., worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is expected to reach nearly $600 billion in 2023.

    SaaS solutions, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce and so on, provide compelling alternatives to traditional on-premises IT infrastructure. SaaS applications provide users access to powerful tools to enhance productivity and collaboration.

    90% Of Orgs Say Multi-Cloud Helps Achieve Business Goals, September 4th, 2022
    New findings show that most organizations benefit from using multiple cloud providers. Multi-cloud adoptions are helping achieve business goals, such as improving reliability and scalability and increasing overall security and governance. However, nearly all organizations (94%) admitted that they have some avoidable cloud spending and skills shortages continue to hold back a fully-realized multiple-cloud success.
    Ensuring Data Access With A Distributed Cloud Architecture
    Networkcomputing, September 4th, 2022
    To fast-track digital initiatives, drive new opportunities, and remain competitive, organizations are re-architecting their IT infrastructures to manage applications and data across distributed cloud environments. In fact, according to a recent ESG survey of IT decision-makers, 67% of those surveyed are under pressure to accelerate IT infrastructure provisioning/deployment to support their company's developers and line-of-business teams, and 54% said that the complexity of their IT infrastructure is slowing down IT operations and digital initiatives.
    IT News - Blockchain
    Bitcoin's Accumulated Momentum Is Going To Be Hard To Stop
    Bitcoin Magazine, September 9th, 2022
    Toward the end of their discussion Erik (the host) and Brent make it clear without saying anything explicitly that it is insane that global markets are essentially beholden to the whims of a very select few people, central bankers, out of the billions who are alive on this planet. The fact that the world hinges on the cryptic language of people who are completely disconnected from reality and do not suffer the consequences of their actions is a bit baffling. With that being said, what I'd like to focus on is the fact the Erik and Brent ended their conversation with a brief detour to discuss the next world reserve currency. Both gentlemen acknowledged that it would likely be a cryptocurrency - likely produced by one of the governments or a coalition of governments - and will certainly not be bitcoin.
    IT News - Networks
    IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Ethernet Switch and Router Trackers Show Growth Momentum Continuing in Second Quarter of 2022
    IDC, September 8th, 2022
    The worldwide Ethernet switch market grew 14.6% year over year in the second quarter of 2022 (2Q22) with revenues of $8.5 billion. The total worldwide enterprise and service provider (SP) router market recorded $4.2 billion in revenue in 2Q22, a 6.3% year-over-year increase. These growth rates are according to results published in the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Ethernet Switch Tracker and Worldwide Quarterly Router Tracker.
    Worldwide Enterprise Wlan Momentum Continues With 20% Annualized Growth In The Second Quarter Of 2022, According To IDC
    IDC, September 7th, 2022
    The enterprise segment of the worldwide wireless local area network (WLAN) market continued its strong growth in the second quarter of 2022 (2Q22), increasing 20.4% year over year to $2.1 billion, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wireless LAN Tracker.

    The 20.4% annualized growth builds on the enterprise WLAN market growing 17.1% year over year in the first quarter of 2022. In the first half of 2022, the enterprise WLAN market has grown 18.4% compared to the first half of 2021. Growth in the enterprise WLAN market continues to be driven by the latest Wi-Fi standard, known as Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax. Wi-Fi 6 access points (AP) made up 76.5% of the revenues in the Dependent AP segment and accounted for 62.7% of unit shipments within the segment. Wi-Fi 5 products, also known as 802.11ac, made up the remaining balance of Dependent AP sales.

    IT News - Big Data
    Data Literacy: What Is It And Why Is It Essential For Success?
    TechRepublic, September 8th, 2022
    Company leaders that are looking to gain a competitive edge can do this by prioritizing data literacy for employees across departments and at all levels within their organization. With data literacy skills, employees better understand how company data works and how they can use it, allowing them to be more effective and streamline processes for the organization. Read on to learn more about what data literacy is and how to implement data literacy initiatives within your business.
      What's Polluting Your Data Lake?
      HelpNet Security, September 6th, 2022
      As enterprises continue to produce, collect, and store more data, there is greater potential for costly cyber risks.

      Every time you send an email or text you are producing data. Every business service your organization has deployed is generating and exchanging data from third-party partners and supply chain providers. Every new merger and acquisition (M&A) results in large volume of data being transferred across two companies. Every IoT device or subscription is generating data that's collected and stored in data lakes. You get the point: Mass data production and collection are unavoidable. And, as a result, our data lakes are becoming an overwhelmingly large and a ripe target for cybercriminals.

      5 Effective Ways To Improve Customer Support With Big Data Analytics, September 6th, 2022
      In addition to achieving the right product-market fit with a high-quality product or service and the correct positioning, customer support can become an integral component for long-term success.

      According to Salesforce research, 89% customers are likely to make a repeat purchase after a positive service experience. For businesses focusing on providing an impeccable customer experience, big data analytics can play an essential role in achieving this target.

      IT News - Tape
      Petabyte Tapes Are On The Horizon - But Don't Hold Your Breath, September 7th, 2022
      The Linear Tape-Open (LTO) consortium, together with some of the biggest names in tape storage (HPE, IBM and Quantum) have updated the LTO Ultrium roadmap.

      After a five-year gestation, the group has added a 13th and a 14th generation, reaching 288TB and 576TB uncompressed respectively (controversially, the tape industry usually adds 150% capacity to produce a second 'up-to' compressed storage).

      As such, the compressed capacity of a Gen13 tape is expected to reach 720TB and that of a Gen14 number, a gargantuan 1.44PB. In comparison, the biggest hard disk drive currently stands at 22TB with 100TB the largest SSD capacity.

      LTO Tape To Keep Rolling For 5 More Generations
      Blocks & Files, September 7th, 2022
      This is two generations beyond the previous roadmap, which ended at gen 12, with 360TB of compressed capacity.

      The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies - HPE, IBM, and Quantum - said the new roadmap will see the LTO Ultrium standard double capacity with each new generation.

      This means LTO-14 will offer a 32x boost over the current LTO-9, which debuted in 2020 and offers 90TB of compressed capacity.

      IT News - Humor
      Salesperson's Tech Dream Delivered By Ill-Equipped Consultant Who Charged For The Inevitable Fix
      The Register, September 5th, 2022
      Before you shell out big bucks to engage the services of consultants, perhaps consider this week's instalment of Who, Me? and the adventures of a reader we'll call 'Norman' for the duration of this tale.

      Towards the end of the 2000s, Norman left an in-house software development 'join the ranks of The Consultants.'

      'My tech credentials were solid. assuming that is The Consultancy put me on projects that actually required them,' Norman explained.

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