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IT News - CxO
6 Key Board Questions CIOs Must Be Prepared To Answer
CIO, August 29th, 2022
Board directors like Jean Holley can be a CIO's best friend or worst nightmare. A former CIO herself, Holley always reaches out to the CIO before board meetings to offer her advice on how to handle inevitable questions. 'It's amazing how many times they don't take me up on it,' Holley says.

These CIOs, especially those new to the role, often come off as overly techie, out of touch with the business, or worse, out of their depth in the position, she says. On three different boards, directors have asked Holley if the company chose the right CIO, and three times her answer was no. Don't be that CIO.

CIOs Tackle Sustainability Through Cloud Migration
CIODIVE, August 29th, 2022
Carbon emissions, environmental degradation and a broader palette of sustainability issues are becoming a C-suite priority for many businesses - and a technology problem for enterprise IT leaders.

Tech not only has a seat at the table when sustainability is up for discussion - they have potential solutions at hand.

    What Keeps CISOs Up At Night - And How They Can Get Their Full 8 Hours
    TechNative, August 29th, 2022
    While it's cause for concern for CISOs, this fact alone is not what keeps them up at night - after all, understanding threats is what they've trained in for years.

    Instead, the challenge is one of leadership: to spin and maintain the complex web of necessary defences, while leading the ambitious, innovative, flexible and scalable businesses of today.

    CIOs: Stop Spending On Bad Tech
    InformationWeek, September 1st, 2022
    The time for digital transformation has come and gone, but some organizations still lag. A successful transformation means having the right resources -- money and talent -- in place. As US IT departments continue to hemorrhage money trying to upkeep broken systems, the time is now for IT leaders to think about how to prepare for an inevitable economic slowdown while facing tremendous tech debt and a lack of the right talent to dig them out from it.
    Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, IT Staffing Top C-Suite Concerns
    ITProToday, August 30th, 2022
    Digital transformation efforts, cybersecurity worries, and IT staffing challenges are among the top concerns of executive leadership, which is looking to focus on strategies for growth against the background of gathering economic headwinds.

    These were among the findings of a PwC survey of 722 U.S.-based executives, 40% of whom ranked cybersecurity as the top risk facing their companies, and another 38% calling it a moderate risk.

    Gartner Says CFOs Are Focusing On Automation Investments To Drive Down Costs
    Gartner, August 30th, 2022
    CFOs plan to protect their digital investments as they cut costs elsewhere in the business, according to recent surveys by Gartner, Inc. Among technology priorities, CFOs have particularly prioritized back-office automation as a key to driving down costs in the face of ongoing inflation.
    5 Ways Data Can Make You A Better IT Leader
    The Enterprisers Project, September 1st, 2022
    All successful organizations require strong leadership, whether it comes from a captain on a baseball team, officers in the military, or a founder/CEO at a tech startup. We've all seen first-hand how poor leadership results in inefficiencies, lack of organization, poor collaboration, and overall lack of innovation. Today, all companies rely on software and tech, so effective IT management can make or break an organization.
    Gartner: 3 Factors That Could Raise ESG Risks For Enterprises, August 31st, 2022
    It has also proven to be attractive as a way to reduce the cost of doing business. But those benefits can come at a social cost and result in job losses and inequality. As CEOs increasingly prioritize sustainable business, even automation needs to be viewed through the lens of responsibility.
      IT News - Storage
      Object Storage Explained: Past, Present, And Future
      Solutions Review, August 30th, 2022
      As enterprises continue to shift more data and workloads to the cloud, it's put a premium on finding enterprise data storage solutions that integrate the cloud with existing systems and data. Every minute a business's data sits idly, competitors are using their own data to win over your customers. More than ever, organizations need to unlock the business value of their stored data.
        Insanely Fast PCIe 5.0 SSDs Are Just Around the Corner
        reviewgeek, September 3rd, 2022
        We've waited a long time for the PCIe 5.0 standard to pick up steam. Intel CPUs with PCIe 5.0 support arrived earlier this year, and to date, the only PCIe 5.0 SSDs are for enterprise customers. Introducing this technology to consumers will be a game changer.
        IT News - AI
        Gartner Predicts Conversational AI Will Reduce Contact Center Agent Labor Costs By $80 Billion In 2026
        Gartner, August 31st, 2022
        By 2026, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) deployments within contact centers will reduce agent labor costs by $80 billion, according to Gartner, Inc. Worldwide end-user spending on conversational AI solutions within contact centers is forecast to reach $1.99 billion in 2022.
        IT News - FOSS
        5 Open-Source Vulnerability Assessment Tools To Try Out
        HelpNet Security, August 31st, 2022
        Once the vulnerabilities are pinpointed, they are classified based on how critical it is to fix/mitigate them sooner rather than later. Usually, the vulnerability scanning tool also provides instructions on how to remediate or mitigate the discovered flaws.

        Security teams can use the findings of a vulnerability assessment to better understand the security posture of their network and put protective measures in place.

        20 Free Cybersecurity Tools You Should Know About, August 30th, 2022
        Cybersecurity tools aren't just for the enterprise anymore; they're essential for every type and size of organization.

        Some tools specialize in antivirus, while others focus on spear phishing, network security or scripting. Even the best cybersecurity products can only do a few things very well, and there is no room for error.

        IT News - Linux
        Linux Devices 'Increasingly' Under Attack From Hackers, Warn Security Researchers
        ZDNET, September 1st, 2022
        There's been a big rise in ransomware attacks targeting Linux as cyber criminals look to expand their options and exploit an operating system that is often overlooked when businesses think about security.

        According to analysis by cybersecurity researchers at Trend Micro, Linux servers are "increasingly coming under fire" from ransomware attacks, with detections up by 75% over the course of the last year as cyber criminals look to expand their attacks beyond Windows operating systems.

        IT News - Security
        Cybersecurity: Winning The Battle Starts With The Front Lines
        eWeek, September 1st, 2022
        According to the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), a total of 5,258 verified data breaches happened in 16 industries and four distinct world regions. That's a significant increase from the 3,950 confirmed breaches from the 2020 DBIR. The report also found that 86% of the breaches were profit driven.
          Cybersecurity Budget Breakdown And Best Practices
          Security Intelligence, September 1st, 2022
          The need for adding cybersecurity to an organization's annual budget is abundantly clear to most enterprises. But how a CISO allocates and justifies that budget is never quite as straightforward.

          Unlike marketing, sales, engineering and support -- where ROI can be more easily explained -- the math of cybersecurity's ROI is not simple. However, with the costs and occurrences of data breaches rising by the minute, securing budget and ensuring it is spent appropriately are more critical for today's CISO than ever before.

          10 Must-Have Cybersecurity Skills For Career Success In 2022
          SearchSecurity, August 30th, 2022
          The talent shortage in cybersecurity shows little sign of abating. Research from Enterprise Strategy Group, a division of TechTarget, and the Information Systems Security Association found that 95% of respondents said the cybersecurity skills shortage and its associated impacts have not improved over the past few years, while 44% said it has only gotten worse.
          Threat Intelligence
          Security Boulevard, August 29th, 2022
          If you are just a regular enterprise security team member without too much time because of all the other issues that come up as they arise. Let's dive in!

          Threat intelligence, a term coined roughly 15 years ago, enables security and risk teams to learn more about their environment by looking at enterprise threat activities and data sources.

          The majority of companies in the market today are not employing threat intel sufficiently until you know that many companies do have too few or do not have any intel staffing.

          Building A Strong SOC Starts With People
          DARKReading, August 30th, 2022
          I manage a security operations center (SOC) in the midst of the Great Resignation and a massive cybersecurity skills gap. During this time, I've learned a few surprising things about how to recruit and maintain a cohesive SOC team.

          A 2021 Devo study of more than 1,000 cybersecurity professionals found that working in a SOC has some unique pain points, including the amount of information that needs to be processed and the on-call nature of the job. Alert fatigue also contributes to this pain.

          IT News - CRM
          17 Key CRM Questions To Ask During Software Evaluation
          Solutions Review, September 1st, 2022
          Evaluating new sales and marketing software for your organization can be a painstaking task, often involving research. Having a list of CRM questions to consider can help you with that process. There is a wide variety of available customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help companies with these challenges. The sheer number of providers, software packages, and pricing options can be dizzying.

          With this in mind, Solutions Review has developed a collection of buyer's guides and best practices to assist you in your search. However, sometimes you need a little more help to get started in the right direction, and that's where asking the right CRM questions can help. Our editors have compiled this list of key CRM questions your organization should consider during the vendor selection process.

          IT News - HR
          Gartner HR Research Finds 59% Of Candidates Who Recently Accepted A Job Offer Would Make The Same Choice, Down From 83% In 2021
          Gartner, August 29th, 2022
          Nearly 60% of candidates who recently accepted a job offer report that they would make the same choice, according to Gartner, Inc.

          A Gartner survey of more than 1,800 candidates conducted in June 2022 revealed that candidates who reported they would repeat an offer decision reached a peak of 83% in 2021, after increasing steadily in 2019 (60%) and 2020 (70%), before decreasing dramatically this year. The same survey found that nearly half of surveyed candidates say they are still open to other offers, while 28% say if they had to make the decision again, they would stay at their previous employer.

          9 Keys To A Killer Recruitment Marketing Strategy
          SearchHTSoftware, September 2nd, 2022
          If you're an HR or recruiting leader in today's pandemic-challenged economy, you are well acquainted with the challenges of an improving U.S. employment rate and an unprecedented need to hire remote employees and rehire recently furloughed ones. It can seem impossible to fill all the open positions.
            IT News - Cloud
            How To Transition To The Cloud
            InformationWeek, August 29th, 2022
            For all the upheaval to business caused by the pandemic, one positive is that it accelerated the move to the cloud, particularly among enterprise IT solution companies. Now as businesses emerge from the pandemic, cloud adoption is set to continue, with Gartner predicting that 51% of IT spending in key markets will shift to the cloud by 2025.
            Cloud Migration: 9 Ways To Ease The Agony
            InformationWeek, August 29th, 2022
            There's a reason more ado is made about the benefits of operating in the cloud than on moving to the cloud. It's rarely easy to do and prone to be botched. But what are you going to do? Competing in the current marketplace, let alone surviving a worldwide inflation storm, requires full digitalization and a seriously strategic cloud play.
              7 Enterprise Applications For Companies Using Cloud Technology
              SmartDataCollective, September 2nd, 2022
              The market for cloud technology is booming. Companies spent over $405 billion on cloud services last year. The sudden growth is not surprising, because the benefits of the cloud are incredible.

              Enterprise cloud technology applications are the future industry standard for corporations. Cloud computing has found its way into many business scenarios and is a relatively new concept for businesses.

              Here's how enterprises use cloud technologies to achieve a competitive advantage in their essential business applications.

              IT News - Operations
              Underwater Datacenter Will Open For Business This Year
              The Register, September 2nd, 2022
              A company called Subsea Cloud is planning to have a commercially available undersea datacenter operating off the coast of the US before the end of 2022, with other deployments planned for the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

              Subsea, which says it has already deployed its technology with "a friendly government faction," plans to put its first commercial pod into the water before the end of this year near Port Angeles, Washington.

                IT News - Technology
                Next Generation Of Usb Is Going To Bring You This Huge Speed Boost
                ZDNET, September 2nd, 2022
                The USB Promoter Group has announced USB4 Version 2.0, a forthcoming specification that will double the speed of the 40 Gbps transmission limit of the current USB4 spec over USB-C.

                The specification will enable 80 Gbps using existing 40 Gbps USB-C passive cables and new 80 Gbps USB Type-C "active cables".

                  Ride Through Racetrack Memory And Its Storage Implications
                  SearchStorage, August 29th, 2022
                  Today's memory and storage devices are reaching their technological limits. With the massive influx of data, along with the growing demands of modern applications, these devices need to deliver greater density and performance than ever. At some point, though, this structure will no longer be practical -- or affordable.
                  Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends For 2022
                  InformationAge, August 30th, 2022
                  Here's your quick guide to what the technologies are and why they're valuable

                  Every year, Gartner identifies technology trends that are critical to business. This year, the list comprises 12 strategic trends that will enable CEOs to deliver growth, digitalisation and efficiency - and position CIOs and IT executives as strategic partners in the organisation.

                  AMD Previews 400 Gig Adaptive SmartNIC SOC at Hot Chips
                  datanami, September 2nd, 2022
                  It is another contender in the increasingly crowded and blurry smartNIC/DPU space where distinguishing between the two isn't always easy.

                  The motivation for these device types, presented by Jaideep Dastidar, who joined AMD from Xilinx, closely resembles presentations made by Nvidia, Intel, and others in recent years. Host CPUs are overworked with housekeeping chores (networking, storage, security tasks). This is complicated by increasing performance and bandwidth demands, the disaggregation of resources, and rise of software defined everything.

                  IT News - Virtualization
                  VirtualBox 6.1.38 Released With Initial Support For Linux Kernel 6.0
                  9to5linux, September 2nd, 2022
                  VirtualBox 6.1.38 comes just one and a half months after the major VirtualBox 6.1.36 release, which introduced support for the Linux 5.18 and Linux 5.19 kernel series, initial support for the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 operating system, initial support for Python 3.10, as well as better support for Linux kernels built using the Clang compiler.
                  IT News - Database
                  Why Migrating A Database To The Cloud Is Like A Heart Transplant
                  NetworkComputing, September 2nd, 2022
                  Over the past few years, plenty of organizations have increased their footprint in the cloud and looked to otherwise modernize their IT infrastructure, accelerated by the catalyst of COVID impacts. But migrating databases from an on-premises implementation to a native-cloud implementation can pose a number of challenges that could stall organizations from pulling the trigger on such a move. However, today's era of cloud and infrastructure modernization is piling on the pressure to complete these migrations now more than ever.
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