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IT News - CxO
7 Hybrid Work Best Practices For IT Leaders
The Enterprisers Project, June 29th, 2021
"As IT leaders help their organizations move from a remote to a hybrid work environment," writes Eric Bloom in The Enterprisers Project, "they will also be navigating these uncharted waters with their own IT teams. As a result, IT must quickly establish its own hybrid work culture and hybrid work best practices - both to maximize its own internal efficiency and to act as a testbed for other parts of the larger organization.

Plenty of challenges await in the realms of fairness, communication norms, tools, and related matters. Consider these seven best practices when establishing your IT organization's near-term and long-term hybrid work policies and environment..."

    Changing Role Of CISOs
    ITProPortal, July 1st, 2021
    Vishal Salvi writes in ITProPortal, "The past decade has seen a dramatic rise in cyber threats and attacks, catalyzed by a myriad of factors including rapid digital transformation, the demands of the pandemic and the exponential growth of data sharing as consumers demand more personalized and unique experiences from brands. While 'cybersecurity hygiene' has long been the buzzword, a robust cyber strategy is now considered integral to the health of a business, alongside financial and operational controls..."
    How CIO Roles Will Change: The Future Of Work
    InformationWeek, July 1st, 2021
    "Lots of people are taking off their masks, restaurants are filling up, and Bruce Springsteen is back on Broadway," notes Jessica Davis in InformationWeek, "so at first glance it may look like the world is getting back to normal. But look a little closer and you'll notice that there are still stores that are boarded up, restaurants that have gone out of business, and office workers who are still Zooming from home. The pandemic has likely changed some things forever, and one of those things is the role and budget of the CIO..."
    CXOTALK: Sustainability Playbook For Business Leaders
    CXOTALK, June 28th, 2021
    The Chief Sustainability Officer of Dassault Systemes, Alice Steenland, answers these questions and shares the leadership skills needed to be successful with sustainability.

    The conversation includes these topics:

    • What is the Chief Sustainability Officer role?
    • What is sustainable development?
    • What are the components of sustainability in business?
    • Sustainable business practices: social development and economic development
    • Sustainability and ethical leadership
    • What is the impact of Bitcoin on sustainability?
    • Sustainability principles and data centers
    • Culture change and sustainable practices
    • How to get started with sustainable development

    Alice Steenland joined Dassault Systemes in 2020 as the company's first Chief Sustainability Officer. Previously, she was the founding Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer at AXA Group, where she helped the company rise to a leading position in global sustainability rankings, thanks in part to a pioneering responsible investment strategy including the landmark decision to divest from coal and, later, tobacco.

    Critical CISO Initiatives For The Second Half Of 2021
    threatpost, June 28th, 2021
    "As we all know," writes Saryu Nayyar in threatpost, "the coronavirus pandemic has affected CISOs and other security and risk-management leaders worldwide. Some of these leaders are developing and implementing security projects which are designed to simultaneously minimize the risk as well as support remote workers. In talking with our customers, here is what they are saying are the top goals for 2021, based on the lessons we have learned from 2020..."
    CIOs And CFOs Are Jointly Enabling the Future of Business
    InformationWeek, June 30th, 2021
    "Business leaders are moving quickly to build new revenue management strategies to help improve their bottom lines throughout the pandemic. Chief information officers and chief financial officers are being showcased in this initiative.

    IT spending is projected to reach $4T in 2021 according to Gartner, including a larger spend on devices and enterprise software as businesses continue to invest in comfortable and productive workforce environments. CFOs and CIOs sometimes differ in spending execution as CFOs look to reduce costs. However, both share the same goals of maximizing the value of their investments and optimizing key costs..." - InformationWeek

    IT News - Storage
    Challenges Of NAS Mirror Backup: Cost, Hardware Constraints
    SearchDataBackup, July 1st, 2021
    Brien Posey writes in SearchDataBackup, "NAS mirror backup is a simple and effective technique that synchronizes two NAS appliances and ensures both contain duplicate data. Like any other backup technique, there are both advantages and disadvantages to NAS mirror backups.

    The main advantage to creating a NAS mirror backup is that the secondary NAS appliance mirrors the primary device. If the primary network-attached storage appliance was to fail, then the secondary NAS could serve as an immediate replacement without the need for a traditional backup restoration. NAS mirroring can be an effective way for an organization to protect its data against hardware failure..."

    IT News - AI
    10 Ways AI And ML Are Evolving
    InformationWeek, June 28th, 2021
    "AI has now made it onto CEOs' agendas," writes Lisa Morgan in InformationWeek.

    "While the topic certainly isn't new, CEOs have learned that the idea of AI is far simpler than its effective application. To get there, companies need to start with their business objectives and then use AI in ways that advance those objectives rather than just implementing AI for AI's sake and hoping it can add value later.

    Meanwhile, CEO attitudes about AI and machine learning or ML (a subset of AI techniques) have been changing as it relates to digital disruption. In the beginning, it was about understanding what digital disrupters do and how they do it. Now, they're beginning to realize that they need to create value on their own terms. That's not to say that they won't take advantage of some of the accelerators the digital giants have made freely available. However, a me-too only strategy is ultimately a risky proposition..."

    The State Of AI And Machine Learning
    insideBIGDATA, July 1st, 2021
    "The reports surveys business leaders and technical practitioners ( referred to as technologists) alike to understand their priorities, their successes, and their bottlenecks when it comes to implementing AI. Collectively, their answers enabled the company to paint a picture of how the AI industry continues to evolve in a world that is more virtual, more tech-savvy, and more globalized than ever..." - insideBIGDATA
    How To Deploy And Scale AI Analytics Across Your Enterprise
    eWeek, June 30th, 2021
    "The gap between analytic aspirations and enterprise-scale ability is widening across a number of industries. Successful global market leaders are achieving returns above the cost of capital for their analytics investments, yet many companies are stuck in 'pilot purgatory,' eking out small wins but failing to make an enterprise-wide difference.

    The economic shock created by the pandemic and its recovery has already highlighted the competitive advantage of effective deployment of AI analytics. No longer does an enterprise's physical scale translate to margins through procurement and operations..." - eWeek

    IT News - FOSS
    7 Guides About Open Source To Keep Your Brain Busy This Summer, July 4th, 2021
    "Start a new Raspberry Pi project," suggests Seth Kenlon in

    "The Raspberry Pi has been capturing the hearts and hands of open source enthusiasts for nearly a decade. There are endless options with what you can do with a Raspberry Pi, whether it's monitoring your garden, setting parental controls (especially handy on those long summer days), or even tracking aircraft from your own backyard. If any of these cool projects perked your interest but your Raspberry Pi is still collecting dust, then you need to download our guide to nudge you to get started. Before you know it, you'll be working with so many Raspberry Pis, you'll need to learn how to manage them all!...

    IT News - Careers
    4 Skills Will Set Apart Tomorrow's Data Scientists
    Information Age, June 28th, 2021
    "Data scientists are -- unsurprisingly -- in high demand across industries. This year, data science is the seventh most in-demand skill among the workforce," notes Ryan Boyd in Information Age.

    "The pandemic accelerated the adoption of data-driven strategies across industries. In retail, companies like Target turned to IoT and location data to inform their drive-up shopping strategies, simplifying the shopping experience and driving revenue in a tough year for brick-and-mortar retailers. Healthcare pivoted entirely, turning to data-driven insights to remain agile and responsive amid shifting medical supplies, filled ER beds, health screenings and other challenges. The financial services industry has utilized data for years to inform business strategies and solve emerging challenges..."

    IT News - Security
    Why Mandatory Password Expirations Don't Make Sense Anymore
    CloudSavvy IT, June 29th, 2021
    James Walker writes in CloudSavvy IT, "This age-old practice is upheld by proponents as a good baseline security measure to mitigate the risks of password loss. But is it still relevant decades after it first appeared?

    What Does Password Expiration Solve?

    First, it's important to understand why enforced password expirations became popular. Most organizations require a password change every 30 or 90 days. This dates from the historical background of simpler password hashes which could be cracked relatively quickly. Back when an attacker could crack a password in a couple of months, security practitioners suggested that changes within that timeframe would help to keep users safe..."

    Access Control: The 5 Single Sign-On Benefits
    IT Security Guru, June 30th, 2021
    Ambler Jackson writes in IT Security Guru, "The email to your teammates stating that you were 'working from home' instantly had new meaning. Working from home resulted in additional risk management and security challenges for employees, executive leadership, and information technology (IT) teams. Organizations that had not embarked upon the journey that is IT Modernization or that had not implemented identity and access management (IAM) struggled with business continuity efforts. A huge part of their struggle included the need for an instantaneous remote workforce, working from virtually anywhere, and in many cases, from any device, including unsecured devices..."
    3 Ways Cybercriminals Are Undermining MFA
    DARKReading, June 29th, 2021
    Atif Mushtaq writes in DARKReading, "Many have heralded multifactor authentication (MFA) as the ultimate cyber defense. Organizations and individuals "feel" safer with it enabled and believe it to be virtually foolproof. After all, an attacker would need the login credentials and access to the secondary device to compromise a system. And yet, that false sense of security is dangerous because it has become relatively easy to get around these protections without extensive technical skills..."
    How To Rank Enterprise Network Security Vulnerabilities
    SearchSecurity, June 30th, 2021
    Mike Chapple writes in SearchSecurity, "Soon after initiating a vulnerability management program, enterprises often find themselves facing an intimidating avalanche of data about network security vulnerabilities. Scan results may show hundreds or even thousands of vulnerabilities distributed across a wide variety of systems and applications.

    How should security professionals tackle this mountain of risk data? The best way is by using a three-pronged prioritization program that incorporates external criticality assessments, data sensitivity and the existing control environment to help organizations successfully rank vulnerabilities and, in turn, prioritize remediation efforts..."

    Users Clueless About Cybersecurity Risks: Study
    threatpost, June 29th, 2021
    Becky Bracken writes in threatpost, "Organizations are facing yet another unprecedented threat to their cybersecurity now that employees are headed back into offices with their personal devices, lax security hygiene and no clue about some of the most catastrophic attacks in history, such as the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.

    A new survey from Armis shows the mountains of work ahead for security teams in not just locking down their organizations' systems but also in keeping users from getting duped into handing over the keys to the kingdom..."

    IT News - HR
    HRIS Trends for 2021: The Future of HR Management
    CIOinsight, July 1st, 2021
    Shelby Hiter writes in CIOinsight, "When your employees all work in different departments, specializations, and locations, the right HR software makes all the difference in organizing and delivering the best user experience to your employees. The drive for HR quality explains why companies' expectations of human resource information systems (HRIS) continue to grow and change.

    A traditional HRIS system focuses on managing all of the backend administrative tasks, policies, and checklists for your organization's employees. These features can include anything from recruiting and training to benefits and compensation to performance management. But with a changing workforce and growing technological capabilities, HRIS software is evolving into a more all-encompassing workforce tool. Four particular HRIS trends stand out in 2021, paving the way for the future of HR management..."

    IT News - IoT
    Understanding Global IoT Security Regulations
    Security Boulevatd, June 29th, 2021
    Mike Nelson writes in Security Boulevatd, "It offers promising benefits that are rapidly transforming a variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, commercial buildings, smart homes, retail and energy.

    The huge potential of IoT is becoming a reality, but as adoption accelerates, regulatory bodies and government organizations are realizing the dangers and risks of connected devices if they are not built with proper security in mind-and, in response, are issuing regulations in a variety of forms. They may be specific security mandates, backed by the purchasing power of governments and industry groups, or they may be presented as more voluntary, general guidance on best practices for IoT vendors and end users.

    Here is a brief update on some of the latest global standards and their implications for today's manufacturers..."

    The IoT Cloud Market
    Datamation, July 2nd, 2021
    Andy Patrizio writes in Datamation, "The Internet of Things is a system of unrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, and other devices provided with unique identifiers (an IP address) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

    Whereas the traditional internet consists of clients - PCs, tablets, and smartphones, primarily - the Internet of Things could be cars, street signs, refrigerators, or watches. Whereas traditional Internet input and interaction relies on human input, IoT is almost totally automated.

    Because the bulk of IoT devices are not in traditional data centers and almost all are connected wirelessly, they are reliant on the cloud for connectivity. For example, connected cars that send up terabytes of telemetry aren't always going to be near a data center to transmit their data, so they need cloud connectivity..."

    IT News - Cloud
    6 Features Your CloudOps Tool Must Have
    InfoWorld, June 28th, 2021
    David Linthicum writes in InfoWorld, "We're still defining what cloudops is exactly, as well as clarifying what technology is needed to solve the core problems.

    Like all cloud computing situations, it's helpful to break down the core components of a working cloudops solution, such as AIops. Also, to define what the technology needs to do and the value it brings to the table. To this end I picked out six capabilities a cloudops tool should offer: ..."

    IT News - DR
    Top Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service Solutions
    CIOinsight, July 2nd, 2021
    Drew Robb writes in CIOinsight, "IT budgeting might have been able to encompass the building of mirror data centers for DR purposes: just take your existing data center and build an exact replica in another city or state and Viola! Your DR needs are cared for.

    Such concepts were technically sound, but few could afford them. Larger operations tried to reduce costs by using their own regional data centers as failover sites. Each data center was replicated elsewhere so that if one went down, the others could cope. But again, this one only appealed to those with deep pockets. Others figured out some kind of DR plan using colocation services or simply made a few tape copies and shipped them off to Iron Mountain..."

    IT News - Blockchain
    10 Blockchain Use Cases To Watch
    Business 2 Community, June 28th, 2021
    Carey Wodehouse opines in Business 2 Community, "That's especially true in the enterprise world, where innovations really prove viable. An increasing number of decision-makers are exploring how to adopt this still-emerging technology. In a survey by Deloitte, 86% of tech-savvy executive teams said they believe blockchain has huge business potential.

    Why? Blockchain is creating a new paradigm defined by transparency, immutability, and reliability-the likes of which we haven't seen before. It's proving ideal for a multitude of industries and processes that need those attributes most. Where fraud, complexity, middlemen, security breaches, or a total lack of trust and transparency exist, the ramifications could be transformative. Here are 10 ways blockchain could transform industries..."

    IT News - Operations
    Spending On Servers Rebounds As Core Systems Remain On-Prem
    CIODIVE, June 29th, 2021
    Roberto Torres writes in CIODIVE, "Cloud drives modern IT infrastructure, as evidenced by relentless growth in the public cloud market. Last year, the overall IaaS market expanded by 40.7%, according to Gartner, representing $64.3 billion in revenue for providers.

    But while businesses seek the cloud for its flexibility, IT leaders are still finding an argument for on-premise solutions, especially for parts of core applications in certain industries, said Andrew Bartels, VP and principal analyst at Forrester.

    "It's not that the cloud has not made inroads," said Bartels. "The point is that the inroads that the cloud has made are starting to slow."...

    IT News - Technology
    IBM Becomes First To Demonstrate Advantage Of Quantum Computers In Real-Life Scenario, July 1st, 2021
    Anthony Spadafora writes in, "According to a new blog post from IBM Quantum, the company's researchers have, for the first time ever, reported a simultaneous proof along with experimental verification of a new kind of quantum advantage. Specifically they showed that even today's noisy qubits offer 'more value than bits as a medium of storage during computations'.

    IBM's quantum team thinks of computing in terms of circuits and at the start of a circuit, there are a number of classical or quantum bits. These bits are set to an initial value and then the circuit progresses forward through a user-written program, made up of gates. While different gates have different effects on these bits, the output of this kind of circuit is a set of zeroes and ones in both the classical and quantum case..."

    Review: 6 Top Videoconferencing Services Put To The Test
    Computerworld, June 28th, 2021
    "Fifteen months after the US and Europe went into lockdown for the first time, many office-based employees have still not returned to their pre-pandemic workplaces," writes Charlotte Trueman in Computerworld.

    "During that time, videoconferencing apps have continued to see an unprecedented - and unsurprising - level of popularity. And as conversations about what the workplace of the future might look like gather steam, organizations are increasingly looking to firm up their collaboration technology stack to support a shift to hybrid work.

    Since we first reviewed the major videoconferencing platforms last year, Zoom has posted its 2021 first quarter total revenue at $956.2 million, up 191% year over year; Microsoft Teams has 145 million daily active users, up from 75 million last year; and Cisco Webex has rolled out more than 400 new capabilities since September..."

    IT News - ERP
    5 Warning Signs Of A Growing Business That's Outgrown Its Legacy ERP
    Forbes, July 2nd, 2021
    "Every single competitor is working to deliver the best products, 24 x 7 services, and responsive customer experiences. But at a time when time, capital, and resources are extraordinarily tight, growing companies need to make a permanent shift in their ERP strategy to address evolving needs and fuel sustainable growth.

    Take, for example, this research finding from IDC. Although revenue growth is understandably a top priority for 41% of surveyed small and medium-size businesses, 35.4% identified legacy applications and custom code as top barriers to meeting that goal.1 And in most cases, the most problematic technology is an ERP system implemented years ago as a system of historical records, outdated insights, and little to no visibility into future opportunities and risks..." - Forbes

    5 Steps To Help You Select The Right ERP System For Your Business
    iLounge, July 1st, 2021
    Lucy Bennett writes in iLounge, "Selecting an ERP system is a task that although may be exciting in some ways, has its own demands and complications. It is no small decision and can have a huge impact on your business which is what makes it such a stressful decision. You need to take the time to find a system that can seamlessly integrate into your essential business processes, while ensuring that the software that you choose is the best on the market..."
      IT News - Email
      Top Private & Secure Email Providers [2021]
      LinuxAndUbuntu, June 29th, 2021
      "Emailing is one of the first digital ways of communication. It's old but still, we use emails for almost everything we do on the Internet. It can be user registration, two-factor authentication, or sending private emails to somebody important.

      What's wrong with Gmail?

      One might ask, in the times of Google, why are we even thinking about the alternatives. Gmail is the best email out there. Right? Well, no. Not at least for privacy. If you have just started using the Internet, you know Google allows you to create free email accounts. Gmail, no doubt, is the most popular email provider on the earth but it's not a private email at all..."

      IT News - Server
      4 Key Ways To Prevent Server Sprawl
      SearchDataCenter, June 30th, 2021
      "Server sprawl is an inevitable challenge for IT administrators as data centers grow," opines Jacob Roundy in SearchDataCenter. "You might never fully eliminate sprawl, but you can keep costs low by controlling and planning for it.

      Maintaining more servers than your organization normally uses might seem like a good way to prepare for large workloads or spikes in demand, but this practice often leads to over-provisioning resources and low server utilization rates. Data centers suffering from server sprawl waste money on cooling and energy as underutilized servers take up space and consume resources..."

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