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2021 Jun 6
Quantum Computers Could Crack Today's Encrypted Messages. That's A Problem
CNET, May 24th, 2021

Stephen Shankland writes in CNET, "Quantum computers, if they mature enough, will be able to crack much of today's encryption. That'll lay bare private communications, company data and military secrets.

Today's quantum computers are far too primitive to do so. But data surreptitiously gathered now could still be sensitive when more powerful quantum computers come online in a few years..."
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2021 Jun 6
This 700 TB Optical Disc Could Store Almost All Of Netflix
Wonderful Engineering, May 28th, 2021

"The optical disk market has kind of stagnated ever since digital platforms have taken up most of the market," writes Abdullah Nasir in Wonderful Engineering.

"Taking care of your stack of disks just isn't appealing anymore. Not to mention the fixed storage capacities. Blu-ray disks can store a good amount of data, around 50 GBs but that's like a single 4k movie nowadays. However, these researchers have just managed to pack 700 terabytes of data onto a single disk showing that there is still potential in these things..."
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    2021 Jun 6
    When The Chips Are Down And Prices Go Up
    The Next Platform, May 25th, 2021

    "The laws of supply and demand - and the resiliency of the global economy - are going to be severely stress tested by the semiconductor shortage," writes Timothy Prickett Morgan in The Next Platform.

    "An eventual rise in chip costs is expected due to the slowdown in rate of shrinkage in chip transistor sizes - and therefore the proportional lowering in the cost of the transistors - that is happening as Moore's Law runs out of gas, in large part due to the very small sizes of these transistors relative to the size of a copper or silicon atom but also driven by the increasing costs of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment and the number of steps it takes to etch a chip using EUV techniques..."
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