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2021 May 2
5 Key Cloud Container Strategy Elements
CIO, April 21st, 2021

"Containers offer significant benefits, including the ability to quickly spin up apps, deploy them anywhere, and enhance scalability - all of which grows business agility and speeds innovation. In addition, containers offer portability and greater security through immutable infrastructure. They remove traditional stumbling blocks like dependencies and differences in OS and infrastructures.

Despite these benefits, container adoption has been slow. There are several reasons why containers haven't caught on as quickly as one might expect, at least when compared to other digitally transformative technologies..."
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2021 May 2
How To Calculate Cloud Migration Costs Before You Move
SearchCloudComputing, April 22nd, 2021

"Determining the cost of a cloud migration isn't easy," opines Chris Tozzi in SearchCloudComputing. "Not only do businesses need to account for the differences between on-premises and cloud prices, they also must consider a variety of other factors -- many of which are often overlooked.

Some costs are easy to predict. For example, the cost of migrating data from on-premises storage to cloud-based object storage is straightforward. Other migration costs, like those incurred from workload refactoring, are more difficult to nail down. It's also easy to overlook expenses associated with things like staffing and deploying new types of services..."
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    2021 May 2
    Why IT Leaders Should Make Cloud Training A Top Priority
    Network Computing, April 22nd, 2021

    John Edwards writes in Network Computing, "Adam Burden, North America technology lead for business and technology advisory firm Accenture, has a firm opinion on cloud training..."

    "All leaders should make cloud training a priority-it's a technology that's fundamentally reshaping every industry and 'is' the main ingredient for digital businesses," he stated. In IT specifically, cloud fluency will be needed to deliver on the promise of digital transformation. "More broadly, being conversant in cloud technology will be needed to recognize opportunities and stimulate innovation across the enterprise," Burden added.
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