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2021 Apr 4
5 Cloud Security Must-Haves In 2021
SecurityIntelligence, March 24th, 2021

"There's hybrid cloud, multicloud, digital transformation, microservices and so much more. While these terms can be confusing, the key element to keep in mind is that cloud data security should be an inherent part of business-level strategy and discussion for any successful cloud migration.

The importance of addressing key security and compliance needs weighs heavily on many organizations. It's a very valid concern, as an estimated 990 million cloud servers are misconfigured.

In addition to cloud misconfigurations, some of the most top-of-mind hybrid cloud and multicloud concerns include:..."
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2021 Apr 4
Two Recommendations To Make Cloud Storage Simple Again
DCIG, March 25th, 2021

"The more organizations adopted S3 object storage, the more storage choices they requested of those who provided it. However, all these choices had unexpected side effects. Simple storage services became increasingly complex and costly to manage. To make cloud storage simple again, here are two recommendations for organizations to follow..."
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    2021 Apr 4
    An Overview Of The Serverless Computing Architecture Trend
    Data Center Knowledge, March 24th, 2021

    "Tech has no shortage of buzzy new technologies - and cutting through the hype to see what will actually impact the enterprise can be challenging. We're here to help. Starting in 2021, our contributors will give a rundown on an emerging tech and whether or not it'll pay off to pay attention to it. Here, we look at serverless computing architecture..."
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