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2021 Apr 4
Top 8 Most In-Demand IT Tech Jobs Of 2021, March 24th, 2021

"For job seekers, the demand for specific jobs should factor into their career decisions -- perhaps now more than ever. With the job market affected by events, such as the global pandemic and its resulting wave of layoffs, it's important to know which jobs are still on the upswing.

Learn about eight of the most in-demand tech jobs and IT jobs 2021 has to offer, as well as general job duties, recommended skills for job seekers, why the position is in demand, and paths to careers for each position listed. Jobs are not ranked in any order."
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    2021 Apr 4
    Over 80% Of Workers Don't Want To Go Back To The Office Full Time, Survey Finds
    CNET, March 25th, 2021

    "A survey by Harvard Business School has found 81% of people who have been working from home through the COVID-19 pandemic either don't want to go back or prefer a hybrid schedule. Of the 1,500 remote workers surveyed for the study, 27% hope to continue working remotely full time indefinitely, while 61% would prefer to mix working from home with going into the office two or three days a week..."
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      2021 Apr 4
      10 Tips For Fostering A Culture Of Continuous Learning
      CIO, March 24th, 2021

      When McAfee CIO Scott Howitt asks prospective hires about their hobbies, he's actually trying to discern whether they're self-motivated learners.

      'I purposely look for people for whom learning is a hobby: Do they travel, do they read, are they programming Raspberry Pis on their own? Those are the people I want,' Howitt says.

      He hired one applicant who set up a mini data center in his garage to work on networking skills, and he created a position for an HR colleague who shared that she had earned the Global Information Assurance Certification on her own.
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