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2021 Jan 10
2020's Most Important Chrome OS Advice And Analysis
ComputerWorld, December 29th, 2020

"More than any other platform, Chrome OS is in a constant state of evolution - and if you blink for a minute, you're bound to miss some significant new improvement or addition," notes JR Raphael in ComputerWorld.

"I mean, heck, this past year alone, Chrome OS has gained support for Windows apps, in the enterprise, in addition to its existing support for Android and Linux programs; it's gotten an expanded and rebranded "Everything button" that changes the way you perform tasks and search for all sorts of information on a Chromebook; and it's on the brink of getting a fancy new Android-connecting Phone Hub along with some potentially transformative foundational adjustments to how the operating system works and what it does and doesn't include (whew!)..."
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2021 Jan 10
See Boston Dynamics Robots Show Off Seriously Impressive Dance Moves
CNET, December 29th, 2020

Bonnie Burton writes in CNET, "Boston Dynamics robots can climb rough terrain, help doctors and remind humans to maintain social distance protocols in public parks. We just got reminded the sophisticated robots can learn choreography too.

In a video posted by Boston Dynamics on Tuesday, the company's machines -- Atlas, Spot the dog robot and Handle -- dance in unison to the Contours hit tune Do You Love Me.

The bots are so good at shaking it on the dance floor it almost feels like you're watching a robot version of the movie Dirty Dancing, which also featured the song..."
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    2021 Jan 10
    Researchers Achieve Sustained, High-Fidelity Quantum Teleportation, December 29th, 2020 "This month, scientists at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory-a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory affiliated with the University of Chicago-along with partners at five institutions took a significant step in the direction of realizing a quantum internet.

    In a paper published in PRX Quantum, the team presents for the first time a demonstration of a sustained, long-distance teleportation of qubits made of photons (particles of light) with fidelity greater than 90%..."
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    2021 Jan 10
    Laptops, Desktops Shortage Set To Continue For The Foreseeable Future, December 28th, 2020

    "Getting your hands on a new laptop or dekstop in 2021 could be slightly trickier as the market responds to a major surge in demand, experts have warned," reports Anthony Spadafora in

    "The huge growth in working from home and remote learning during the 2020 pandemic led to a massive increase in the number of laptops and desktops sold worldwide - but this growth could be stifled soon as demand outpaces supply, according to analysts..."
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      2021 Jan 10
      8 Edge Computing Trends To Watch In 2021
      The Enterprisers Project, December 29th, 2020

      Stephanie Overby writes in The Enterprisers Project, "All year, industry analysts have been predicting that that edge computing - and complimentary 5G network offerings --- will see significant growth, as major cloud vendors are deploying more edge servers in local markets and telecom providers pushing ahead with 5G deployments.

      The global pandemic has not significantly altered these predictions. In fact, according to IDC's worldwide IT predictions for 2021, COVID-19's impact on workforce and operational practices will be the dominant accelerator for 80 percent of edge-driven investments and business model change across most industries over the next few years..."
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