Key Cyber Security Trends To Look Out For In 2021
Information Age, December 31st, 2020
January 10, 2021,
Volume 274, Issue 1

Greg Day writes in Information Age, "Looking back on a year of unprecedented uncertainty, countless lessons have been learned across the board for everyone, including cyber security leaders and experts. The overnight change in working patterns meant millions of employees suddenly had to work from home, putting huge strain on access to IT systems.

Threat actors weren't resting on their laurels in spotting how these and other changes created vulnerabilities to target and exploit either; we saw a veritable 'gold rush' in cyber threat activity. By the end of March we had already identified more than 40,000 newly registered websites with coronavirus-related names, which we classified as 'high-risk' sites due to the scams and malware being pushed onto unsuspecting consumers..."

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