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2020 Jan 12
Install Rust Programming Language In Linux
OSTechNix, January 2nd, 2020

SK writes in OSTechNix, "It comes with many features including zero-cost abstractions, move semantics, guaranteed memory safety, threads without data races, trait-based generics, pattern matching, type inference, minimal runtime, and efficient C bindings etc. Rust is being actively used in production by popular organizations such as Canonical, Chef, Coursera, CoreOS, Dropbox, Mozilla, NPM and many. Today, we are going to learn to install Rust programming language in Linux..."
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2020 Jan 12
What You Need To Know About Rust In 2020, January 3rd, 2020

"Rust has drawn plenty of attention from programmers on sites like Hacker News for a while," writes Ryan Levick in

"While many have long loved using the language for hobby projects, it didn't start catching on in industry until 2019, when this really started to change.

Over the last year, many large companies, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Intel, came out in support of Rust, and many smaller ones took notice..."
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