NVMe and I/O Topologies for Dell EMC Intel and AMD PowerEdge Servers
Dell EMC News, November 26th, 2019
November 26, 2019,
Volume 260, Issue 4

"Leveraging a PCIe interface improves the data delivery path and simplifies software stacks, resulting in a significant latency reduction and bandwidth increase for your storage data transfer transactions.

PowerEdge rack servers have unique configurations that are designed for specific value propositions, such as bandwidth, capacity or I/O availability. At times it can be a challenge to determine which configuration is best suited for your intended purpose!

We at Dell EMC would like to simplify this process by providing the value propositions for each of our PowerEdge rack configurations; to help our customers choose the right configuration for their objectives. With this, we have also provided detailed illustrations of NVMe and system I/O topologies, so that customers can easily route and connect their best hardware configurations, and optimally design and configure customer software solutions and workloads.

We can first look at one of our Intel-based rack servers, the R740xd. There are two suggested NVMe and I/O configurations that have unique value propositions:..."

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