CQ3 2019 Hard Disk Drive Results
Forbes, November 14th, 2019
November 24, 2019,
Volume 260, Issue 3

Tom Coughlin reports in Forbes, "Total HDD shipments in CQ3 2019 were up 5.8% from CQ2 2019 (83.1 M units in CQ3 2019 versus 78.5 M units in CQ2 2019) compared with up 1.0% in CQ2 2019 from CQ1 2019, down 11.4% in CQ1 2019 versus CQ4 2018, down 9.7 % in CQ4 2018 compared with CQ3 2018.

Note that Seagate and Western Digital have both changed their release of HDD shipments making it more difficult to figure out their actual unit shipments. WD started with their CQ3 2018 announcements while Seagate starting doing this in CQ1 2017. This has made it more difficult to report actual shipments of various categories of HDDs. Thus, the numbers reported here are our best guess estimates..."

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