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IT News - CxO
CIO Role: Everything You Need To Know About Today's Chief Information Officers
The Enterprisers Project, September 16th, 2019
Laurianne McLaughlin writes in The Enterprisers Project, "The CIO, or chief information officer, emerged as a job title in the 1980's: This highly technical person would oversee the information technology department's resources and staff. But in the decades that followed, CIOs themselves rewrote the perception of their role, coming out of the back office to become true strategic business partners, working alongside their C-suite peers. Today, CEOs look to the CIO to drive innovation and revenue-generating ideas throughout the business..."
10 Signs You're Being Socially Engineered
CSO Online, September 19th, 2019
"Together, phishing and social engineering are by far the number one root-cause attack vector, and they have been around nearly since computers themselves were invented," writes Roger A. Grimes in CSO Online.

"In the early 1980s, before the internet was the internet, I came across a text file that was named 'HowtoGetAFreeHSTModem.' Back in the day, screaming fast, U.S. Robotic HST 9600-baud (!!) modems were highly coveted. I quickly opened the text file. It read, 'Steal One!!'. 'What a jerk,' I thought. Then I hit the escape key to close the text file..."

    Why It's Time To Embrace Top-Down Cybersecurity Practices, September 19th, 2019
    "Cybersecurity is no longer just the domain of the IT staff putting in firewalls and backing up servers," notes Matt Shealy in

    "It takes a commitment from the top and a budget to match. The stakes are high when it comes to keeping your customers' information safe.

    The average cost of a data breach in 2018 was $148 for each compromised record. That equals an average cost of $3.86 million per breach. Because it takes organizations more than six months - 196 days on average - to detect breaches, a lot of remediation must happen after discovery..."

    CISO Do's And Don'ts: Lessons Learned
    HelpNet Security, September 16th, 2019
    "The task is not easy: a CISO has to keep many balls in the air while being buffeted by an increasingly complex and always shifting threat landscape. Consequently, the importance of a good CISO should not be underestimated," opines Zeljka Zorz in HelpNet Security.

    "Francesco Cipollone, CISO and director at UK-based cybersecurity consultancy NSC42, says that he has seen his fair share of CISOs who believe they know it all, who focus on only one specific aspect of cybersecurity, who keep the security team segregated from the engineering team and the rest of the organization, and who don't empathize with the business side..."

    IT News - Storage
    Top 10 File-Sharing Options: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Onedrive And More
    ZDNet, September 18th, 2019
    James A. Martin writes in ZDNet, "In 2004, if you tried to share a large file, you had two options. 1: Use a file-sharing service like YouSendIt, which was brand new at the time. Or 2: Copy the file to a disc and hand (or mail) it to the recipient, a practice known not so affectionately as 'sneakernet.'

    Today, as far as file sharing goes, we have nearly endless options..."

    Western Digital Sells Intelliflash Business To Big Data Storage Supplier DDN
    ZDNet, September 19th, 2019
    Stephanie Condon writes in ZDNet, "Western Digital on Thursday said it's selling its IntelliFlash data center systems portfolio to DDN, a big data storage supplier. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    The sale is part of Western Digital's decision to exit the Storage Systems business all together, the company said. As part of that effort, it's also exploring 'strategic options' for its ActiveScale portfolio..."

    Is All-Flash Storage Needed For Deep Learning?
    EnterpriseAI, September 17th, 2019
    Shailesh Manjrekar writes in EnterpriseAI, "Certainly expensive all-flash storage arrays are highly beneficial for line-of-business applications (and to storage vendors' sales). But DL applications and workflows are inherently different from typical file-based workloads, and should not be architected the same way.

    Let's start by looking inside those servers. DL uses several hidden layers of neural networks, such as convolutional (CNN), long short-term memory (LTSM), and/or recurrent (RNN). These multiple layers are accommodated by servers configured with multiple GPUs, creating a massively parallel compute layer for training and inferencing..."

    insideBIGDATA Guide to Optimized Storage for AI and Deep Learning Workloads
    insideBIGDATA, September 17th, 2019
    Daniel Gutierrez writes in insideBIGDATA, "In this technology guide, 'insideBIGDATA Guide to Optimized Storage for AI and Deep Learning Workloads', we'll see how traditional file storage technologies and protocols like NFS restrict AI workloads of data, thus reducing the performance of applications and impeding business innovation. A state-of-the-art AI-enabled data center should work to concurrently and efficiently service the entire spectrum of activities involved in DL workflows, including data ingest, data transformation, training, inference, and model evaluation..."
    IT News - AI
    AI In Cyber Security: A Necessity Or Too Early To Introduce?
    Information Age, September 18th, 2019
    "There is a list of growing cyber security threats, ranging from a rise in identity thefts and account takeovers to vindictive ransomware strains," reports Nick Ismail in Information Age.

    "Businesses are feeling the strain, especially Fortune 500 enterprises, who have massive stores of data. Because of this, they have become attractive to bad actors who want to try and take over that honeypot.

    But, all is not lost..."

    6 Criteria For Selecting The Right AI Data Storage
    SearchStorage, September 18th, 2019
    "AI and machine learning are positioned to become two of the most important tools to help businesses create competitive advantages using their core digital assets," notes Chris Evans in SearchStorage.

    "But before buying AI data storage, an organization must consider a range of requirements based on how data is acquired, processed and retained by machine learning platforms.

    Let's first examine the lifecycle of data used by machine learning software, as this helps businesses understand what to consider when selecting storage for AI..."

    IT News - Careers
    What Brilliant Interview Questions Should You Ask Employers?
    Ask The Headhunter, September 20th, 2019
    "The problem with these 'brilliant' interview questions is that they are indirect and too clever. They don't get to the truth you need to judge an employer. I like Inc.'s #2 question, but I think the best questions you can ask in job interviews are about the work, the people, and the money..."
      IT News - Security
      Cybersecurity Frameworks Hold Key To Solid Security Strategy
      SearchSecurity, September 19th, 2019
      Tom Nolle writes in SearchSecurity, "Whether organizations truly need a cybersecurity framework is one of the biggest questions that's never really asked in information security. This is because some vendors focus on selling spot security products, an approach that doesn't lend itself to encouraging enterprises to step back and look at security in the overall context of what they are trying to achieve..."
      (IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 63 Released
      HelpNet Security, September 19th, 2019
      Table of contents

      • Identifying evasive threats hiding inside the network
      • Inside the NIST team working to make cybersecurity more user-friendly
      • Report: Black Hat USA 2019
      • Healthcare's blind spot: Unmanaged IoT and medical devices
      • What the education industry must do to protect itself from cyber attacks
      • Solving security problems: Security advice for those with limited resources
      • Review: Specops uReset
      • True passwordless authentication is still quite a while away
      • Six criteria for choosing the right security orchestration vendor
      • Ensuring supply chain security: 5 IT strategies for choosing vendors wisely
      • Have you thought about the often-overlooked mobile app threat?

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      IT News - HR
      6 Ways Big Data Is Changing HR
      insideBIGDATA, September 19th, 2019
      "After all, HR professionals assume responsibilities like hiring and firing, on-boarding and training updates and making employees happy, productive and eager to stick around.

      People who work in HR often use technologies to impact their work, big data among them. Here are six ways big data in HR has had an impact.

      1. Assisting HR Professionals in Representing Their Companies Accurately

      Most candidates understandably want to know what it's like to work at a company before they apply for positions there. They wonder what the typical atmosphere is like, what the company values most and how employees feel about being part of the workforce..." - insideBIGDATA

      IT News - Cloud
      Five Common Cloud Configuration Mistakes
      Dark Reading, September 17th, 2019
      Peter Smith writes in Dark Reading, "There's no doubt that the cloud can improve certain aspects of security. After all, clouds have enormous economies of scale that provide customers with dedicated security teams and technologies that aren't feasible for the vast majority of organizations. That's the good news. The bad news happens when customers don't properly configure and secure their own workloads and buckets in a cloud environment..."
      Top Five Cloud Storage Pitfalls
      ComputerWeekly, September 19th, 2019
      "Key among the challenges and pitfalls the industry encounters while moving enterprise data onto public cloud storage are the often unexpected costs that arise with cloud, plus the challenges of creeping complexity, data movement and cloud security. So how to avoid these?" asks Paul Stringfellow in ComputerWeekly.

      "Cost continues to be the biggest pitfall with any cloud service, and storage is no different..."

      IT News - DR
      Disaster Recovery: Steps SMBs, Enterprises Must Take
      eWeek, September 18th, 2019
      "From natural forces to cyber events to blackouts caused by worn infrastructure, disasters can cause business disruptions, work stoppage, a battered brand image and, worst of all, data loss. Loss of critical business and customer information can damage giant corporations; for small enterprises - which often lack the personnel and budget to protect against risk - the stakes are higher, and disasters may well put them out of business..." - eWeek
      IT News - Networks
      The CISO must be included in any SD-WAN discussion
      CSO Online, September 19th, 2019
      "Extending advanced services to the WAN Edge of the network can have a serious impact on a security architecture and strategy," opines John Maddison in CSO Online.

      "News cycles are filled with stories about critical network breaches that began by taking advantage of some neglected element of the network, whether by exploiting a vulnerable IoT device or by hijacking some wireless access point at a remote retail location..."

      The Evolution Of SDN And Its Role In Networking
      SearchNetworking, September 19th, 2019
      "Software-defined networking, or SDN, is a strategy that splits the control plane from the forwarding plane and pushes management and configuration to centralized consoles," writes John Fruehe in SearchNetworking.

      "SDN is now over 10 years old. When the history of SDN began, many people thought gleaming software-defined networks would replace tightly coupled, vertically integrated network products. The massive data centers of Amazon, Facebook and Google all moved to SDN, but why isn't SDN everywhere?

      Well, it is, even if it's not always called SDN..."

      IT News - Database
      Should Your Company Use DBaaS?, September 20th, 2019
      "Here's a high-level discussion to help you along your decision path," offers Tyler Duzan in

      "First, it's important to distinguish DBaaS from simply running a database on a cloud-based server, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. While you can certainly gain some cost and agility benefits from running your database on a virtual machine, you'll still need to provision and maintain the database, that is, you will need server operations expertise..."

      IT News - DevOps
      DevOps Terms: 10 Advanced Concepts To Know, September 16th, 2019
      "Do you have the basics of DevOps down?" asks Carla Rudder in

      "Can you explain what it is in one or two sentences, tops? Have you deciphered the essential acronyms, from CD to SDLC? If not, check out DevOps terms: 10 essential concepts, explained - a good jumping off point for those new to the practice. But if you are ready to dive into the deeper end of DevOps, you will need a few advanced definitions..."

      IT News - Wireless
      Wi-Fi Certified 6 Launches New Era For Wireless Connectivity
      SearchNetworking, September 18th, 2019
      "The next generation of Wi-Fi, originally known as 802.11ax, but now branded as Wi-Fi Certified 6, is ready for broad deployment," reports Sean Michael Kerner in SearchNetworking.

      "The Wi-Fi Alliance has made public the availability of the Wi-Fi Certified 6 certification program that aims to qualify and help ensure that devices are compliant and interoperable with the new Wi-Fi standard. Among the numerous benefits that Wi-Fi 6 promises are boosted capacity and bandwidth speeds as well as improved energy efficiency over previous Wi-Fi standards..."

      IT News - Humor
      I'd Say You Need Another Cup
      ComputerWorld, September 20th, 2019
      "It's the late 1960s shop gets several new IBM 1403 Model N1 printers. The 1403 is big, fast - and loud. The Model N1 addresses the noise issue by enclosing the printer on all sides. When the printer encounters an error, the top automatically opens. That can really be helpful when you have a sea of printers in a computer room; you know at a glance which one has an error..."
      Throwback Thursday: Ultimatum
      Computerworld, September 19th, 2019
      "It's 1977, and this pilot fish's company is moving to a new data center. 'The old facility was in the basement of the headquarters building,' says fish. 'Access was via an ancient magnetic strip reader with no special capabilities. You either got in or you didn't..."
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